„My body is my face”

This year the International Contemporary Dance Festival „LAIKS DEJOT” (time to dance) with the motto: „My body is my face” wants to focus attention to the main expressive means of dance – the body. The programme includes performances in which artists of various countries and cultures reveal their versions about the conscious and unconscious resources of the body, its link with the individual’s inner world and existence in the outer world.
The festival invites to see dance performances and attend workshops and lectures by artists from China, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania.
The festival was started in 1998 as evenings of contemporary dance performances of Latvian choreographers. In course of time it has managed to grow into an international festival and call forth wide interest among the professionals and interested persons in contemporary dance also outside Latvia which is evidenced by the variety of countries represented in previous festivals – Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Cyprus, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Moldova, Netherland, Norway, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA.
The festival is organized by the Latvian Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographers’ Association in collaboration with the European project „E-Motional: rethinking Dance” and the union „Party”.
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[Fragile] (2014)

photo Ciprian Gheorghe, design Radu Manelic


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Mayu_YukoKominami_photo by Patrick Galbats (1)

Yuko Kominami (Luxembourg)

Butoh improvisation and composition

Butoh is a dance which has its roots in the new dance movement of the late 1950s in Japan. Nowadays even though it has developed into an established form of dance, the practice of Butoh is diverse in styles – each individual practitioner has their own unique style. Personally, butoh, for me, is a research into finding one’s own dance as well as a fundamental way of existing in this world.

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Joana (2)

Joana von Mayer Trindade (Portugal)

Workshop “One Whole Body – At Once”


 In this workshop I will deal with questions/concepts/practices related to the expression “Nameless Natures”, the title of my last piece. First, the method will be to continuously explore via training exercises and improvisations a wide scoped set of mental and physical states, from the abstract to the concrete, starting from such notions as “Being”, “Space”, “Subject”, “Awakening”, “Energy”, “Other”. These notions call for an idea of wholeness, and encompass the full spectrum of a performer´s work, in one way or the other. The second stage will appeal to specific ways in which to present such a whole, at once, as performance always happens at once, in one body, yours, different from all the others. Keywords for this stage are those that guided “Nameless Natures”: Framing and Unframing, Visibility and Invisibility, Postures and Impostures, Composition and Dissolution, Conflict and Rest, Chaos and Order. A leitmotiv for the workshop could be that the “one whole body – at once” never has a name: it is a nameless moving nature whose face persists and resists in being unseen. Nothing can resist change, but change itself: “One Whole Body – At Once”.

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Agnese Vanaga (Latvia/ Argentina)

Tango and Contemporary

Tango is in improvisation based dance genre. Tango is danced in embrace and counterclockwise. The basic element of the improvisation game is a full step.

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Xiao Ke and Zi Han(China)

Lecture and dialogue with Xiao Ke and Zi Han(China) “Running away to go home”

Xiao Ke and Zi Han live and work in Shanghai, they were so active in the contemporary theater and art events, who created a multitude of performance works in Shanghai, and performed in different countries. But in the recent years they focus on social performance much more, their works move out from the black box theater to city public space. The forms of their performance works also develop to different ways not only live show.

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Andrius Katinas (Lithuania)

Can Less be More?

The class is focusing on the most simple but fundamental patterns of motion and patterns of bodily awareness. It has an aim to increase ergonomics of motion and fully utilize bodily knowledge one already has.

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Anne Mareike3019

Anne-Mareike Hess (Germany/ Luxembourg)

Lecture on „Dance as a disease and dance as a cure – an outbreak from the body“

In this lecture the choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess takes the phenomenon of the medieval dancing plague as a starting point for raising questions about the definition of dance today and it’s function in society.

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Contemporary 10 photo D.Matvejeva


Photo: D.Matvejevas

Wednesday, June 17, 19.00/ Zirgu pasts

Agne Ramanauskaite, Paulius Tamole, Mantas Stabacinskas (Lithuania)

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