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[Fragile] (2014)
photo Ciprian Gheorghe, design Radu Manelic

Tickets at „Bilesu paradize” online and in stores.

17 June
Zirgu pasts, 19.00
Agne Ramanauskaite, Paulius Tamole, Mantas Stabacinskas (Lithuania)
Zirgu pasts, 21.00
Olga Zhitluhina, Janis Redlihs (Latvia)
Dance film „Un atkal par to pašu”

18 June
Secret location,19.00
E-Motional: Rethinking dance presents
Cosmin Manolescu (Romania)
Inadvisable for persons under 16
Having bought the ticket, You will receive the indication of […]


Laiks dejot 2014 (Time to Dance)
Tickets are available at “Bilesu Paradize” sale spots

June, 12
Zirgu pasts, 19.00
Kristine Vismane (Latvia)
“Interview with Madonna”
Rigas Doms courtyard, 21.00
Yukio Suzuki Company (Japan)
Dmitrijs Gaitjukevics (Latvia)
Opening of the festival

June, 13
Latvian National Opera, New stage, 18.30
 Ko Murobushi (Japan)
 Ko Murobushi, Soshi Matsunobe (Japan)
Simona Orinska, Modris Tenisons (Latvia)
Zirgu pasts, 21.00
 Sintija Silina (Latvia)
 “release technology­­_WIP”
Elena Jacinta(Latvia)
Lilija Lipora (Latvia)
“Both” […]

„Humming (2013)”

Sunday, June 15, 21.00/ BETANOVUSS
Soshi Matsunobe (Japan)in collaboration with Olga Zitluhina and young Latvian choreographers
„Humming (2013)”

“Humming (2013)” is humming for 1 minute.
The sound made by chance according to artist’s feeling is played at random and connected.
We can find a thing like the music known in it, or can find the relation of the sound […]

“Outside” (80’)

Sunday, June 15. 19.00/ Zirgu pasts
Olga Zhitluhina (Latvia)
 “Outside” (80’)

Choreography: Olga Zhitluhina
Music: Juris Kaukulis un Kaspars Tobis („Dzelzs vilks”)
Performers: Ruta Puce, Anna Novikova, Agate Bankava, Girts Bisenieks, Taisija Frolova, Sandra Lapina, Eva Kronberga, Rudolfs Gedins, Ivars Bronics, Karina Lapsina, Agate Cukura, Maija Tjurjapina, Janis Putnins, Anete Tambaka, Alise Putnina, Martins Spruds, Anastasija Lonsakova, Anne – Birthe […]

Composition works

Friday, June 14, 21.00/ Zirgu pasts
Young choreographers from the Latvian Academy of Culture
Composition works

Following the initiative of the group tutor Olga Zitluhina, the first full-time (four years) academic bachelor program of Contemporary Dance Choreography was launched at the Latvian Academy of Culture in September of 1999.
It has become a tradition to present the works of […]

“while going to a condition” followed by “Duo” (70’ , including intermission)

Saturday, June 14, 18.30 / Latvian National Opera New stage
Hiroaki Umeda (Japan)
 “while going to a condition” followed by “Duo” (70’ , including intermission)

Choreography and performance: Hiroaki Umeda
Sound: S20
Visual Creation: S20
Production: S20
Supported by: EU Japan Fest
In “while going to a condition”, time, punctuated by silences, dilates and triggers a sense of disorientation. The artist’s aim is […]

“Scream – a period of enforced idleness”(20’ loop)

Friday, June 13, 21.00 / Zirgu pasts
Sunday, June 15, 21.00 / BETANOVUSS
Suzana Phialas(Cyprus)
 “Scream – a period of enforced idleness”(20’ loop)

“Power”can become a blind force that destroys. The initial purpose of the installation “Scream –a period of enforced idleness”was to portray situations and emotions caused by societies where the dominant force is Greed instead of Solidarity.
My belief is […]

“Both” fragments (35’)

Friday, June 13, 21.00/ Zirgu pasts
“Both” fragments (35’)

Choreography: Lilija Lipora
Velo: J?nis L?cis
Dance: Eva Vanc?ne
Music:Kaspars Tobis
Light designer: Egils Kup?s
Teamwork of bike trial rider and dancer stresses our borders, speculations and comfort zone we can or can’t get out of to be closer to each other, to create, to get on…to live for experience and love! […]

“Reassembled” (15’)

Friday, June 13, 21.00 / Zirgu pasts
Elena Jacinta (Latvia)
“Reassembled” (15’)

Choreography, performance: Elena Jacinta
Music: Scott Schreer, Reed Hayes, Phil Garrod, Elo Masing, Colin Johnco
Solo “Reassembled”stems from my ongoing research and interest in things that are broken, heterogeneous and uneven –structures made of contrasting and often conflicting elements.
This piece looks at the body as the source of […]

„release technology_WIP” (25’)

Friday, June 13, 21.00 / Zirgu pasts
Sintija Sili?a, Edgars Raginskis (Latvia)
„release technology_WIP” (25’)

Movement: Sintija Sili?a
Music: Edgars Raginskis
Concept: ELVI
Dance: Edgars Š?akota, Evita Birule, Eva Vanc?ne, El?na Lutce
Music: Edgars Raginskis, Arvidas Kazlauskas, Kristaps Krievs
Sound design: Kristaps Krievs, ELVI
Video, light, design: Liene Pavlovska, ELVI
Supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation, PIGEON-BRIDGE
release technology_WIP” started out as research, as is often […]