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Category Archives: News

After the conference “Is Dance One?”

Between November 22nd and 25th in Riga  an international conference dedicated to dance named “Is Dance One?”, organized by Dance Info Latvia (LDIC) took place. The conference gathered a dance sphere theorists and practitioners from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Belorussia and Norway.  The purpose of the conference was to promote collaboration and understanding between the […]

Far north makes a project “45+” last longer

Inta Balode*
“You are provoking; you must be a journalist,” says one of the participants of the discussion after listening to couple of my questions to the group of choreographers of “45+” project gathered in their final lab in Hammerfest, Norway. Tonight “45+” members are discussing the future of the network. “It is good to ask questions […]

Latvian and Bulgarian collaboration in dance performance “Wordless”

Inta Balode
On September 16 and 17, 2016 Latvian Contemporary Dance Choreographers Union is presenting choreographer’s Elena Jacinta’s dance performance „Wordless” which will be shown at Gertrudes Street Theatre at 19.00. One of the performers is Elena Angelova from Bulgaria. If international choreographers are working in Latvia quite often, then having a dancer from abroad is still quite rare […]

NEW DANCE IN A NEW PLACE has reached West coast of Latvia

From August 28 till September 1 traveling interdisciplinary festival/seminar “New Dance in a New Place” is taking place in C?rava and Liep?ja. It will gather dancers, philosophers, journalists, choreographers, critics, musicians and visual artists from France, Finland, Germany and Latvia. Within the festival several performances, discussions, research seminar and creative labs will take place. The […]

Summer Dance School’16 in Vilnius

Summer Dance School is the annual educational dance event which is held for the seventeenth time on 15th-20th of August at Arts Printing House, Vilnius. This year organizers introduce 5 teachers from USA, Nigeria, Slovakia, Austria and Lithuania. They will present 6 different dance disciplines. All seminars are dedicated for search and expansion of the […]

Lifelong Dance Practice: Project 45+

With the support from Nordic Culture Point Mobility Programme Network Funding and partners from Estonia and Norway a very nice and cherished for a long time idea of Latvian choreographer Olga Žitluhina became possible. The idea is to bring together dancers and choreographers of the age from 45 years from different countries and do something new and […]

Making, showing and seeing – why?

Madli Pesti*
In the beginning of golden October the Writing Movement Network met in Iceland, in a small village of Laugarvatn, in the middle of a bare, smoking country. The network brings together dance writers from five countries: Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. The hostess of the event was Sesselja Magnusdottir, dance critic and teacher […]