“2D DANCE” invites to join conversations between Latvian choreographers and international critics


On January 27th and February 1st within the framework of the series “2D Dance” two online conversations will take place. Latvian choreographers will meet with international authors who wrote about their work from seeing only videos of the performances.

“2D Dance” is an experiment looking at how readable dance is from the screen format and how the work by Latvian artists are perceived by the authors who know little or nothing about the Latvian dance context. In addition to the texts written by authors from Finland, Russia, Germany, Denmark and Iceland online conversations between the choreographers and authors will also take place. The main aim of “2D Dance” is to keep and activate the communication among the dance communities in different countries through developing the ability to talk about the art of dance, getting certain outside view and promoting the visibility of Latvian artists.

On January 27th at 19.00 the first conversation will bring together choreographer Sintija Siliņa and Finnish philosopher Max Ryynänen to discuss the performance “Rock Bottom”. The conversation will be held in English. “Rock Bottom” centers around the complicated depression topic. Depression is one of the illnesses that is difficult to detect since it is based on superficial assumptions and prejudices about its occurrence, effects and treatment. Alarmingly wide spectrum of people who suffer from depression do not seek systematic treatment either because they fail to recognize the illness or because they ignore the symptoms. The state of depression in its various stages and feelings is difficult to convey in words. This is why dance, video, sound and lighting design becomes the performance’s language. Creators admit that both personal and experiences of others as well the observations and comments from the experts were integrated in the process. The performance “Rock Bottom” was nominated for the Latvian Dance Awards 2017-2018 among the best contemporary dance productions / events. The text written by Max Ryynänen is published here.

On February 1st at 19.00 a choreographer Agate Bankava will meet a dance dramaturge residing in Hamburg and Moscow Anna Semenova-Ganz. The subject of their conversation will be a work “A good contemporary dance performance “Bad””. The conversation will be held in Russian. The performance is a MA work of Agate Bankava when graduating the Latvian Academy of Culture. She has been researching how we separate arts in good arts and bad arts, especially when looking at the contemporary dance field. “A human being is shaped by time and experience, that helps to live in this world according to the demands of certain époque and enjoy the good arts because we know what is good. Five dancers take part in the performance and they get to know something new about themselves. They don’t know how to do other things and they continuously get rid of some blockages,” the program notes of the performance say. “Bad” was one of the works Agate Bankava won the Dance Award 2017–2018 as the contemporary dance choreographer. Text in English written by Anna Semenova-Ganz is published here.

Both conversations will be moderated by the chair of the Latvian Dance Information Center Inta Balode. In order to participate in the conversations please register at info@dance.lv. The participants will receive a link to the conversation and also an access to the performance video which will be discussed. The participants are welcome to ask questions and get involved in the conversations.

Within the project four more texts will be published on www.dance.lv and  also followed by online conversations

2D Dance is organized by the Latvian Dance Information Center and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.

Picture: performance “Rock Bottom”, publicity photo