3/4 Water

Monday, June 17, 19.00 / Zirgu pasts

Anatomy of dance (Latvia)


Choreography: Agnese Bordjukova

Dance: Elina Breice, Sintija Silina

Music (creation and performance): Laima Jansone

Co-producers: Gertrudes ielas teatris / Gertrude Street Theatre


Human feelings are the world, which is as alive, responsive and changing as water which makes more than half of our weight. The subconscious is deep as an ocean, but some of the heads always float up. My linings are sewn in uncountable layers, but water would still seep through. It freezes, boils, flowers, muddles up, blushes and leaps in joy within me.

Not always the head understanding it all is the one that I agree with.


Agnese Bordjukova has graduated Contemporary Dance Department in the Latvian Culture Academy (2007). Since then, she is the participant of the contemporary dance partnership Anatomy of Dance. For several years she has been freelance dancer cooperating with local choreographers and theatre directors. 3/4 water is Agnese’s first full evening performance.


Photo: Epp Kubu