Agnese Vanaga (Latvia/ Argentina)

Tango and Contemporary

Tango is in improvisation based dance genre. Tango is danced in embrace and counterclockwise. The basic element of the improvisation game is a full step.

During tango dance the follower is moving backward and the leader is facing forward, keeping the length of the step and music together with the rest of the group on the dance floor. Contact between dance couples is unacceptable. You have to change partner after four music themes. During this workshop these and other tango dance elements we will view from the point of methodology. Then the learned material we will use as a basic tool for the creation of contemporary dance improvisation and composition.


Agnese Vanaga (Latvia/ Argentina) during her first contemporary dance class which was led by Olga Zitluhina,  was doubtfully watching dancers rolling on the floor. Then in 1998 from the Dance Web scholarships offered classes and coaching projects Agnese chose all possible classes of  David Zambrano. In 2003 she graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture Academy and a year later with the master degree – the Theatre Academy in Helsinki. 2004 – 2006 Agnese worked at „Kekalainen&Company” in Helsinki.

Since 2006 she lives in Argentina and has worked in the most prominent physical theatre company „Fuerza Brutus” and „10y10 danza”. Together with Juan Onofri they have developed „Partnering Technical Training Methodology”. In 2009 Agnese created the show with Hugo Mastrolorenzo „Misteriosa Passion” with the students of the Latvian Academy of Culture, performed at Dailes theater. In 2011 she created the tango scene „AEREO señor” for tango show in Buenos Aires. The Project „Tango AEREO” created by Agnese offers the audience to watch the Argentine tango passions and emotions in flight. In June 2015 the world premiere of „Tango AEREO” will be a part of the new show „Julia” from Guy Caron (the director and creator of Cirque du Soleil) at Ahoy Rotterdam.