Anne-Mareike Hess (Germany/ Luxembourg)

Lecture on „Dance as a disease and dance as a cure – an outbreak from the body“

In this lecture the choreographer Anne-Mareike Hess takes the phenomenon of the medieval dancing plague as a starting point for raising questions about the definition of dance today and it’s function in society.

Throughout the centuries dance appeared repeatedly as a mean of liberation and ecstasy and at the same time as a way of disciplining and healing the body. The medieval dancing plague, the Tarantella, religious and spiritual practices as well as the Clubbing Culture are only some examples for this. Inspired by these phenomena Anne-Mareike spend the last years investing herself into this research which culminated 2014 in the piece “Tanzwut”. The idea of this lecture is on one side to give some background information about the theme and the inspiration that led to “Tanzwut” and on the other side share some thoughts about the potential of dance today.



Anne-Mareike Hess (Germany/ Luxembourg), dancer and choreographer. As a performer she has been working among others with William Forsythe (“Human Writes”), Ingri Fiksdal (“Cosmic Body”), Eeva Muilu, Rosalind Goldberg (“MIT” and “Jump with Me”) and Miriam Horwitz (“Nijinsky”). Anne-Mareike‘s own choreographies have been performed at different festivals in Europe and Canada. Her latest productions “Never-ending up North”, “I believe that we are having a dialogue” and “Tanzwut” have been shown at the Banannefabrik, the National Theatre (TNL) (Luxembourg), at Inkonst, Weld (Sweden), JoJo, Kutomo (Finland) and Dock11 (Germany).

Anne-Mareike Hess is part of the artist duo “Horwitz & Hess”. The duo has been creating several pieces in Germany and Sweden. Their latest piece “Palais ideal” (co-produced by Inkonst and Theater Rampe) was presented at Inkonst in Malmö (Sweden), Tanztage 2015 at the Sophiensaele Berlin and received the Dance and Theatre prize from the city of Stuttgart (Germany). 2012 Anne-Mareike was awarded with Prize for emerging artists by the “Stiftung zur Förderung junger Talente”, Luxembourg.