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Sintija Silina

Dancer, dance teacher, choreographer. BA of Arts (Latvian Academy of Culture, 2007). Together with others established contemporary dance project Dance Anatomy in 2007. She is part of that still. Since 2005 she is a dancer also at dance group Ritms. Also works as a freelance dancer. Has expanded her professional experience at international workshops, […]

Guntis Spridzans

I am working in the contemporary dance field for seven years. During this time as a dancer I was lucky to work with choreographers Olga Zitluhina ( LV ) Sharon Perry ( USA ), Kun Attila ( Hungary ), Sally Doughty ( UK ), Alla Sigalova ( Russia ) and many others from different countries. […]

Kristine Brinina

Since 2007, have been studying at the Latvian Academy of Culture, the speciality Contemporary dance choreography (course supervisor Olga Zitluhina). Is about to graduate in summer 2011.
Vocational training supplemented by learning from many teachers including Virpi Juntti (Finland), Annemarija Autere (France), Claire Porter (USA), Benno Voorhama (Sweden), Davide Dzhovanzanna (Italy), etc. Has expanded professional experience […]

Ilze Zirina

Works in contemporary dance field since 1997. Got MA in choreography ( Music Academy of Latvia ) in 2001. Preofessional skills learned from such teachers as Olga Zitluhina, David Zambrano, Maria Munoz, Pep Ramis, Julyen Hamilton, Hai Cohen, Masaki Iwana, Fiona Millward, Katri Soini, Benno Vorham, SU –EN to name few. Dancer at Olga Zitluhina […]

Ivars Bronics

Joined ZI September 2010.
Ivars ( 1985. ) is from Riga. He is IT specialist, which got his education at University of Latvia. Has started to dance hip hop in age of 16. Hip hop is the dance form he is mainly busy with still. Has experience also at b- boying ( breakdance ). Has […]

Laura Grase

Joined ZI in September 2010.
Laura Grase (1988) is from Madona.
First dance experience comes from teacher Inara Cakule and Madonas show dance group Aliens. After secondary school graduation in 2007 she joined Latvia Culture college to study dance. Two years in college was the biggest dance experience and she says special thanks to […]

Eva Kronberga

Joined ZI September 2010.
Eva Kronberga ( 1990 ) is from Dobele. She’s studing at dance department of Latvia Culture department.
Contemporary dance touched me one and a half years ago. I continue to make research on it, to feel, to look for the right way. Dance gives a lot of emotions. It is not easy […]

Martins Spruds

Joined ZI in September 2010.
Martin Spruds (1988 ) is from Liepaja. Ha started to dance in age of 16. Studied hip hop at Edmunds Veizan’s dance studio. Has been a part of Dance Of Street / Jam style .
Graduated dance dapertment of Latvia Culture college in 2010. There he met […]