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Dances with theory and power

Inta Balode
The article was first published in music magazine “M?zikas saule” on September 2015. Translation into English by Ilze Millere and Inta Balode
I decided to think about who dances, who thinks and who has power. Power in quite broad sense as influence, superiority and authority often holding hands with financing, visibility and fame. Power that […]

On two performances in Saldus – “Corpuss” by Elina Lutce and Krista Dzudzilo and “Summer feet in Saldus” by Moa M. Sahlin

Elena Angelova*
Here is one text about the two performances I was able to view during the project “New Dance in the New Venue” (August 15-19, 2015) in Saldus, Latvia. Since this was an initiative, born from The Writing Movement Network, it feels kind of natural for me to write and move. Firstly, I moved from […]

TIME TO DANCE 2013 already running! Texts from “Reveal a critic inside yourself!”

Busy with kedjaKlaipeda we missed the first day of International contemporary dance festival TIME TO DANCE which is the biggest contemporary dance event in Latvia. Anyway I’m sure you know about the festival from where you can read all the details about the artists and performances, and workshops and more. As regards DANCE.LV Journal […]

About contemporary dance in Latvia in just published book “Theater in Latvia”

INSTITUTE OF LITERATURE, FOLKLORE AND ART has just published the book „Theatre in Latvia”, which is the first wider publication about the theater in Latvia in English (239 pages, 80 black-and-white photographs, editor Guna Zelti?a). The aim of the publication is to give an insight about the theater in Latvia since its beginning till today. It describes the most important personalities […]