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Where the rights to judge come from

Inta Balode
I’m always thinking about how it started. How and why, and where I found rights to talk about other people’s work in a way I know something about it? In a way I know something more, something special, and something others might not know or might not think about, something worth sharing? This is […]

Play a guessing game: who saw the performance?

Inta Balode
Almost two years ago in September in Aarhus Denmark there was an encounter of Nordic Baltic dance network “kedja”. And there was also a dance writing seminar. We did write different texts. And to be more “different” me and my Lithuanian colleague dance critic Ingrida Gerbutavi?i?t? we invented a task for ourselves. We decided […]

I got into the CHAIR and understood everything

Inta Balode
Today I went to the square at the Central Station of Riga. There was an open air attraction “The Chairs”  from France. The attraction is brought  by International Baltic Ballet festival “From Classics to Avantgarde”. It is already eighteens edition of the festival. Always also inside the station and sometimes at the station. Sometimes […]

The Kitchen goes to Tijuana and thinks about borders

Inta Balode
Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012 has moved to Tijuana, Mexico for it’s last two days. All the choreographers are working together and thinking about BORDER. Here is a short photo and comment reportage from August 20 in Tijuana.
1. We went to see the border and found a wall.

2. We tried to look through the wall to get […]

Taken by New York

Inta Balode,* Madli Pesti,** Elena Slobodchikova***
It is hard not to be taken by New York. Every night there are hundreds of performances to choose from. Once the choice is made some generalizations about all New York performing arts arrive. Three of us visiting New York for just to mention some festivals – American Realness, Coil, […]

Real Real bodies

DANCEPUNKC speaks about the exhibition BODIES in Riga
The most unpleasant moment in the exhibition Bodies revealed: unseen+real was the question from a dressed all in white medical student: “Can I help you?” I attended the exhibition with a nineteen year old girl whom I met at the school before the lunch break. At the […]