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NEW DANCE IN A NEW PLACE has reached West coast of Latvia

From August 28 till September 1 traveling interdisciplinary festival/seminar “New Dance in a New Place” is taking place in C?rava and Liep?ja. It will gather dancers, philosophers, journalists, choreographers, critics, musicians and visual artists from France, Finland, Germany and Latvia. Within the festival several performances, discussions, research seminar and creative labs will take place. The […]

IDENTITY.MOVE! e-book and future in next BAZAAR in Prague

From March 18 till 20, 2016 in Prague The BAZAAR Festival of Identity in Art and Motion will take place. This will be an international dance and performing arts festival featuring the visions of artists not only from the Czech Republic but from other countries in central, eastern and south-east Europe. All are dealing with […]

Contemporary dance festival “New Dance into the New Venue”

From October 1 till 6, 2013 the contemporary dance project “New Dance into the New Venue” initiated by DANCE.LV Journal will be held in R?zekne, in the recently opened multifunctional concert-hall of Eastern Latvia called “GORS”. During the event lectures and workshops led by Nordic and Baltic arts theoreticians and choreographers will be offered to the groups of journalists and arts […]


Students of Contemporary dance choreography
Latvian Academy of Culture / Composition works
June 14th, 201319:00Daile’s Theatre Small stage

Editta Braun Company (Austria) / Currently Resident in…
June 15th, 201319:00Daile’s Theatre Small stage

Martin Schick (Switzerland) / Halfbreadtechnique
June 15th, 201320:30 Daile’s Theatre Small stage

Simona Orinska (Latvia) / Human’s ProjectJune 16th, 201319:00Zirgu pasts

Krishjanis Sants * (Latvia) / Ornament. Cross Crosses
Sintija Silina* […]

Time to Dance 2013 CLASSES

Time to Dance
Riga Choreography School (Kalnciema Str.10/12)
Martin‘s Schick masterclass 16.06. 10.00-12.00 AM at Zirgu pasts (Dzirnavu Str. 46)


Friday, 14.06.2013.
Fiona Millward
Contemporary dance techniqueJuan Dante Murillo Bobadilla
Editta Braun Company
Contemporary dance technique

Saturday, 15.06.2013.

Elena Slobodchikova (Russia)
Less and Increase
Fiona Millward
Contemporary dance technique

Iguana Dance-theater
luciana achugar
(Uruguay / USA )
Feeling is believing

Sunday, 16.06.2013.

Martin Schick
at Zirgu pasts!!!
Jozsef Trefeli
(Switzerland/ Hungary)
Contemporary dance technique
Iguana Dance-theater
luciana achugar
(Uruguay / […]

World-famous choreographer Sasha Waltz with her best known performance – for the first time in Lithuania

An exceptional event will take place in the cultural life of Lithuania on 30th of June and 1st of July: the world-famous choreographer Sasha Waltz has agreed to present her most famous performance „Körper“ („Bodies“ ) in Vilnius.
German choreographer Sasha Waltz is a real worldwide dance celebrity whose talent has been compared with that of […]

Dance performance What is Zeir? In English

Dance performance by Krist?ne Vismane and R?dolfs Balti?š What is Zeir? on September 6 will be performed in English. The two young authors lead us through discussion on mushroom picking, dancing skills and search for freedom.
Everything started with a simple experiment Zeir, which was more like a game with no intention for result.  The important was […]

Lynnette Moran from Ireland works in residence in Riga, Latvia

Irish Director, Performance Maker and Creative Arts Producer Lynnette Moran is in residence in Riga between August 21st and September 3rd, 2012, developing a project in collaboration with Irish Dance Artist, Emma O’Kane, as well as six local artists who have joined them in the studio and ten international artists contributing online. The final presentation […]