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As logic as dance is. About “Solo Logic”

Inta Balode
The work should be done properly, so it’s time to tell about the performance (real performance not the events or outcomes of couple hours of creation), which was part of the Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012. Solo Logic (choreographed by Alexanadre Iseli and Jazmin Chiodi from Ireland, performed by Alexandre Iseli, was presented twice – […]

The Kitchen goes to Tijuana and thinks about borders

Inta Balode
Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012 has moved to Tijuana, Mexico for it’s last two days. All the choreographers are working together and thinking about BORDER. Here is a short photo and comment reportage from August 20 in Tijuana.
1. We went to see the border and found a wall.

2. We tried to look through the wall to get […]

SPIRIT of unlimited choreographing

Inta Balode
Day five at the Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012 was dedicated to SPIRIT. As always artists chose themselves how to interpret this term which has even more of space within than all the other themes dealt before. I will not go into the detail about who did what. Though works were even more interesting than the […]

What is in the AIR?

Inta Balode
Besides the theme of the day which was AIR, the afternoon session of the third day of Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012 was also partly influenced by short but interesting lunch talk about the State of the Arts: presenting, creating, and writing about dance today. The talk mainly focused about what is happening in contemporary arts, […]

Trying to catch WATER

Inta Balode
The second day of the Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012 was all about the water. Mostly about water in its most common hypostase – liquid state. And even if the ideas were floating around many waterish aspects ideas shared among all the choreographers were follwing: water is life, water is movement, water is us, water is fun. […]

EARTH in the Kitchen

Inta Balode
We announce that Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012 has started! It has started with a tour to Scripps Coastal Reserve led by Isabelle Kay– a tour to big and small things nicely sharing mother Earth. With watching ocean sunsets where sun takes shapes of mushroom and pancakes. With checking out waves and listening to warnings about […]

What changes if the process dominates over the result and everything happens in California?

Choreographer Olga Zitluhina and dance writer Inta Balode have arrived in Sandiego to take part in the international collaboration project Cal-Laboratory Kitchen which will take place from August 11 till 23. The organizer of the Laboratory Allyson Green has visited Latvia for several times already while working with the students at the Latvian Academy of Culture and choreographing for […]