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Provincial Dances

Dita Egl?te
As opposed to the personal stories by Danish artists Tatiana’s Baganova’s dance theater „Provincial dances” in their works „Svadebka” and „Sleeping beauty” look at the eternal themes in much more abstract categories. The movement score created by the choreographer is implemented almost perfectly; faultless is also the visual design (including lighting) of both productions. […]

Inta Balode on Deer, Cuba and White Wall (NEW BALTIC DANCE ’12)

Inta Balode
Deer came and women opened up for a while
Every dance is about relationship. Most of the dances are about male-female relationship. Doesn’t matter how much gender roles have changed there is still something in the human body recognized as feminine, there is something in the human behavior recognized as masculine. Norwegian choreographer Ingun Bjornsgaard […]

Dissolving Bodymind Borders

Sometimes in the very middle of the summer warmth I am alive, feel warm and am in possession of a corporeal body with skin, muscles, bones and connective tissue, heart and lungs, liver and spine, which, how it turned out, lies right in the middle of my body. All those small sharp things we […]

4 x40 or an everlasting performance (Audron? Motiej?nait? about DANCES OF THE LOST)

?Audron? Motiej?nait? (During experimental project “Dance in word – not vs. new criticism”)
The man and the environment. How does a person change in unusual conditions, how is the space perceived? How does a professional dancer change being expelled on the asphalt instead of official, enclosed places (theater stage)? There was an attempt to answer this […]

Lithuanian dance critic Ingrida Gerbutavi?i?t? about DANCES OF THE LOST

As DANCE.LV journal already reported on May 5, 2011 Dances of the Lost – work by Olga Zitluhina Dance Company – was performed during the International Contemporary Dance Festival “New Baltic Dance’11”. We are grateful to Lithianian dance critic Ingrida Gerbutavi?i?t? that she found time to translate into English the paragraph from her festival overview […]