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Students of Contemporary dance choreography
Latvian Academy of Culture / Composition works
June 14th, 201319:00Daile’s Theatre Small stage

Editta Braun Company (Austria) / Currently Resident in…
June 15th, 201319:00Daile’s Theatre Small stage

Martin Schick (Switzerland) / Halfbreadtechnique
June 15th, 201320:30 Daile’s Theatre Small stage

Simona Orinska (Latvia) / Human’s ProjectJune 16th, 201319:00Zirgu pasts

Krishjanis Sants * (Latvia) / Ornament. Cross Crosses
Sintija Silina* […]

Time to Dance 2013 CLASSES

Time to Dance
Riga Choreography School (Kalnciema Str.10/12)
Martin‘s Schick masterclass 16.06. 10.00-12.00 AM at Zirgu pasts (Dzirnavu Str. 46)


Friday, 14.06.2013.
Fiona Millward
Contemporary dance techniqueJuan Dante Murillo Bobadilla
Editta Braun Company
Contemporary dance technique

Saturday, 15.06.2013.

Elena Slobodchikova (Russia)
Less and Increase
Fiona Millward
Contemporary dance technique

Iguana Dance-theater
luciana achugar
(Uruguay / USA )
Feeling is believing

Sunday, 16.06.2013.

Martin Schick
at Zirgu pasts!!!
Jozsef Trefeli
(Switzerland/ Hungary)
Contemporary dance technique
Iguana Dance-theater
luciana achugar
(Uruguay / […]


Saturday, June 15, 20.30/ Daile Theatre Small stage

Martin Schick (Switzerland)
Martin Schick & one guest dancer from an economically troubled countr

Discover the beauty of sharing!
Halfbreadtechnique is a funny and mind-triggering performance guided by Martin Schick, performing artist from Switzerland performing a performing artist from Switzerland. As a result of an investigation about living in „post-capitalism“ the […]


Tuesday, June 18, 19.00 / Daile Theatre Small stage
Giulio D’Anna, Stefano D’Anna (Italy)
 Concept and direction: Giulio D’Anna
Creation and performance: Giulio D’Anna and Stefano D’Anna
Production and direction assistance: Agnese Rosati
Original soundtrack: Maarten Bokslag
Light and set design: Theresia Knevel, Daniel Caballero
Produced by: Fondazione Musica per Roma, stichting Gillen
In collaboration with: Officina Concordia and Civitanova „Casa delle Danza” […]

3/4 Water

Monday, June 17, 19.00 / Zirgu pasts
Anatomy of dance (Latvia)
Choreography: Agnese Bordjukova
Dance: Elina Breice, Sintija Silina
Music (creation and performance): Laima Jansone
Co-producers: Gertrudes ielas teatris / Gertrude Street Theatre
Human feelings are the world, which is as alive, responsive and changing as water which makes more than half of our weight. The subconscious is deep as an ocean, […]

Il cimento della struttura e dell’accento

Sunday, June 16, 21.00 / Riga Doms courtyard
 Sintija Silina (Latvia)
In collaboration with the students of contemporary dance choreography of the Latvian Academy of Culture
Choreography: Sintija Silina
Music: Antonio Vivaldi, ELVI
Sound: Kristaps Krievs
Dance: Agate Bankava, Annija Belogrudova, Girts Bisenieks, Ivars Bronics, Agate Cukura, Taisija Frolova, Rudolfs Gedins, Eva Kronberga, Ruta Kublicka, Sandra Lapina, Karina Lapsina, Anastasija Lonsakova, […]

JINX 103

Monday, June 17, 21.00 / BETANOVUSS
Compagnie József Trefeli (Switzerland/ Hungary)
Concept, choreography: József Trefeli, Gábor Varga
Dance: József Trefeli & Gyula Cserepes
Music: Frédérique Jarabo
Compagnie József Trefeli has received assistance for the creation and touring of “JINX 103” from:
DC Département de la Culture de la ville de Genève
DIP Département de l’Instruction Publique de l’état de Genève
La Loterie Romande
RESO […]

The Employment Record Tree

Tuesday, June 18, 21.00 / BETANOVUSS
Iguana Dance-theater (Russia)
Concept, Creation, Performance: Nina Gasteva, Misha Ivanov
The subject of Nina Gasteva and Misha Ivanov’s new performance The Employment Record Tree came with the question: is it possible at all to create a dance-performance as scenery using the routine process of obtaining pension provision? How to persuade the bureaucrats […]

Human Project

Simona Orinska (Latvia)

Sunday, 16.06.2013. 19.00 / Zirgu pasts
IDEA GNOSIS – Ieva Putnina, Atvars Buka, Laura Feldberga, Anda Huna, Viktorija Eksta, Anna Egle
Simona Orinska – direction, choreography
Dana Indane, Arvis Kantiševs – sound
Andrejs Kruminš – lightning
Gita Straustina – videoart
‘Human project’ is a multi-disciplinary performance exploring the levels of Latvian mytho-poetic thinking – archetypes of folklore, layers of Christianity, […]