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Monday, June 17, 19.00 / Zirgu pasts
 luciana achugar (USA / Uruguay) and Levi Gonzalez (USA)
Creation and performance: luciana achugar and Levi Gonzalez
Music: Maikls Floids / Michael Floyd
Based on HIT, originally performed at The Kitchen in December 2002, HIT AGAIN is a collaboration between NY based choreographers lucianaachugar and Levi Gonzalez, who have a long history together […]

Ornament. Cross Crosses

Sunday, June 16, 21.00 / Riga Doms courtyard
Krišjanis Sants (Latvia)
In collaboration with the students of contemporary dance choreography of the Latvian Academy of Culture
Choreography: Krišjanis Sants
Music: Laima Jansone
Dance: Agate Bankava, Annija Belogrudova, Girts Bisenieks, Ivars Bronics, Agate Cukura, Taisija Frolova, Rudolfs Gedinš, Eva Kronberga, Ruta Kublicka, Sandra Lapina, Karina Lapšina, Anastasija Lonšakova, Anne-Birth Nord, Anna […]

Unusual Suspects

Tuesday, June 18, 21.00 / BETANOVUSS
 Evie Demetriou (Cyprus)
 Concept, Creation, Performance: Evie Demetriou
Advisor: Tabea Martin
Music: Coco Steel & Lovebomb, Džovanni Batista Pergol?zi (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi), Gotan Project, Demjens Raiss (Damien Rice)
Styling: Kristia Michaelidou, Evie Demetriou
Acting coach: Myrsini Chrisohoidou
Voice Coach: Cathryn Robson
Lighting Designer: Alexander Jotovic
Production: En drasi 2012
The performance “Unusual Suspects” explores the need and desire for […]

currently resident in…

Saturday, June 15, 19.00 / Daile Theatre Small stage
 Editta Braun Company (Austria)                          
Choreography, creation: Editta Braun & Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla
Co-directing: Arturas Valudskis
Performed by Juan Dante Murillo Bobadilla
Composition: Terijs Zaboicefs / Thierry Zaboitzeff
Dramaturgy: Gerda Pošmane-Reihenava / Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau
Coaching dance: Tomašs Simatovi?s / Tomaz Simatovic
Light […]

Workshop “Physical theatre”

Physical theatre
In the class we will focus in taking collective decisions while dancing and finding spontaneous and creative paths to move in the room, always connecting and getting inspired by each other.
Games, intuition, alert, listening and surprise are some of the elements that we will experience during the workshop.
By playing and improvising we will develop […]

Workshop “Feeling is believing”

Feeling is believing
I like to think of dance class as a chance to grow a new body. I am in a process of developing the language that gives me access to a more sensual, animal, connected, bloody, fleshy, fatty, bony, magical, deeper than even the marrow of the bone, vibrational body; and I’d like to […]

Fionas Millward Workshop

Class description
The framework for each class is a curiosity around perception, pattern and relationship, and will consist of a combination of specific tasks with Franklin Balls, touch, set material and guided improvisation to help refine our relationship to gravity, space, self and other. Throughout the class time will be offered to notice the feedback from the […]

Workshop “Dance practice”

Dance practice
Using the technique class structure as a model, this class will focus on dance as a physical, conceptual, and experiential practice, with an emphasis on the cultivation of presence inside of the forms. Class will begin with imagery and gentle preparation culled from various somatic practices (in both Eastern and Westerns traditions) that access […]

Contemporary dance technique class by József Trefeli

Contemporary dance technique class
Look up, look out, present yourself and dance. Through basic contemporary dance and performance exercises the technique class of József Trefeli focuses on the everyday practice of preparing for being on stage.
Australian of Hungarian origins, József Trefeli lives and works out of Geneva since 1996. During his 8 years with Alias Compagnie, […]