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“Both” fragments (35’)

Friday, June 13, 21.00/ Zirgu pasts
“Both” fragments (35’)

Choreography: Lilija Lipora
Velo: J?nis L?cis
Dance: Eva Vanc?ne
Music:Kaspars Tobis
Light designer: Egils Kup?s
Teamwork of bike trial rider and dancer stresses our borders, speculations and comfort zone we can or can’t get out of to be closer to each other, to create, to get on…to live for experience and love! […]

“Reassembled” (15’)

Friday, June 13, 21.00 / Zirgu pasts
Elena Jacinta (Latvia)
“Reassembled” (15’)

Choreography, performance: Elena Jacinta
Music: Scott Schreer, Reed Hayes, Phil Garrod, Elo Masing, Colin Johnco
Solo “Reassembled”stems from my ongoing research and interest in things that are broken, heterogeneous and uneven –structures made of contrasting and often conflicting elements.
This piece looks at the body as the source of […]

„release technology_WIP” (25’)

Friday, June 13, 21.00 / Zirgu pasts
Sintija Sili?a, Edgars Raginskis (Latvia)
„release technology_WIP” (25’)

Movement: Sintija Sili?a
Music: Edgars Raginskis
Concept: ELVI
Dance: Edgars Š?akota, Evita Birule, Eva Vanc?ne, El?na Lutce
Music: Edgars Raginskis, Arvidas Kazlauskas, Kristaps Krievs
Sound design: Kristaps Krievs, ELVI
Video, light, design: Liene Pavlovska, ELVI
Supported by: State Culture Capital Foundation, PIGEON-BRIDGE
release technology_WIP” started out as research, as is often […]


Tuesday, June 13, 18.30 / Latvian National Opera New stage
Ko Murobushi, Soshi Matsunobe (Japan)
Simona Orinska, Modris Tenisons (Latvia)

Choreography, dance: Ko Murobushi, Simona Orinska
Visual artist: Soshi Matsunobe
Directing: Modris Tenisons
Video artist: Gita Strausti?a
Sings: Zane Šmite
Sound designer: Artis Gulbis
 “Z.I.M.E.” is Japanese-Latvian artist collaboration project/performance. The contradictions and struggle of human body together with nature and ancient Baltic sign show […]


Friday, June 13, 18.30/ Latvian National Opera New stage
Ko Murobushi (Japan)

Choreography and performance: Ko Murobushi
Music: RIP RIG+ PANIC     „Thru’ Nomado Eyeballs”
Osamu Goto: „Wave” 
Chants d’Auvergne: „Uno jionto postouro” (Kiri Te Kanawa)
Production: Ko&Edge Co
Premier: 2013.07. ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival, (Vienna, Austria)
Mais, par la meme, le territoire dechaine
deja quelque chose qui va le depasser.
Nous […]

„Dive” (25’)

Thursday, June 12, 21.00/ Rigas Doms courtyard
Dmitrijs Gaitjukevi?s
Dejas anatomija/ Anatomy of Dance (Latvia)
„Dive” (25’)

Choreography, prformance: Dmitrijs Gaitjukevi?s
Music:Hecq – Hypnos Trilogy
Lights: Dmitrijs Gaitjukevi?s
Supported by: Movement research NY, Latvijas Kult?rkapit?la fonds
The work is based on exploration of myself. “Dive”–into a state close to coma. When time slows down and suddenly in just a second you can accomplish […]

„Waltz” (60’)

Thursday, June 12, 21.00 / Riga Doms courtyard
Yukio Suzuki company (Japan)
 „Waltz” (60’)

Choreography: Jukio Suzuki / Yukio Suzuki
Performers: Nao Ashimine, Taeko Horii, Haruka Akagi, Yukio Suzuki
Lights:Izumi Kato
Sound: Umeo Saito
Stage director: Takaši Kava?i/ Takashi Kawachi
Supprted by: Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2014
The waltz resounds simply because
I am missing
I sense a quality with a […]

“Interview with Madonna” (45’)

Thursday, June 12, 19.00/ Zirgu pasts
Kristine Vismane, Jekabs Nimanis, Epp Kubu (Latvia, Estonia)
“Interview with Madonna” (45’)

Idea, choreography, performance: Krist?ne Vismane
Idea, scenography, video: Epp Kubu (Igaunija/ Estonia)
Idea, music, performance (live): J?kabs N?manis
Technical support: K?rlis Lapi?š, Krišj?nis
Producer of the performance: Zane Estere Gruntmane
Producer: PIGEON-BRIDGE (Latvija / Latvia)
Co-producer: dejas producentu komp?nija STU (Igaunija)/ Dance producing company STU (Estonia)
Financial […]