HA and I-DEJAS MAJA invites to attend

Little international CI festival


May 31st – June 3rd, 2012

Three wonderful days together with CI people and inhabitants of Grobina – a little town on the west coast of Latvia to follow the tradition of last year and to develop it. This time we invite also friends form abroad to join us.


Application form here. We advise to make early registration ( cheaper price!) 


In these days you can experience the intensive together with Adrian Russi ( Switzerland), classes with Latvian and Lithuanian teachers, the creative lab to explore and develop the ideas you have with people you have common interests with, performing in site specific, sauna and jump in the river, JAM with the live music and picknick by the Baltic Sea.



Thursday, May 31:

18:00 – 20:00    introduction class with Ilze Zirina ( Latvia)

20:00 -…           JAM session


Friday, June 1:

8:00 – 8:45        Morning strech with Ingrida Udre (Latvia)

9:30 – 13:30      Intensive Following Through with Adrian Russi ( Switzerland )

15:00 -16:30      CI class with Inese Upeniece (Latvia) or creative lab for experienced dancers

17:00 – 18:30    Invisible technique with Julia Melnik ( Lithuania )

20:00 – …. JAM session. Warm up with Inese Upeniece

From 21:00        Sauna possible.


Saturday, June 2:

8:00 – 8:45        Morning strech with Ingrida Udre (Latvia)

9:30 – 13:30      Intensive Following Through with Adrian Russi ( Switzerland )

15:00 – 16:00    CI for kids ( 2-6 y.o.)  with parents with Gunta Zalaiskalns ( Latvia)

15:00 – 16:30    Site Specific dance with Inese Upeniece & J?lija Melnik or or creative lab for experienced dancers

16:00 – 17:30       Performance in frames of Time To dance: improvisation, sketches Site Specific

20:00 – …              JAM sesija


Sunday, June 3rd

8:00 – 8:45        Morning strech with Ingrida Udre (Latvia)

9:30 – 13:30      Intensive Following Through with Adrian Russi ( Switzerland )

15:00 – ..           Picnic  / JAM  by the Baltic Sea or „ Goodbye to Contact at Grobina 12” .



Sport Hall of Grobina ( ), streets of Grobina, Baltic Sea Side




You can sleep in the sport hall on your mattress for free. If you apply one of first ones, the mattress might wait for you there already.

You can sleep in a tent for free.

You can sleep at the guest house: . Please, do not hesitate to make the reservation there as the places are limited.

You can sleep also at someone’s place from local people for less price that it was at the guest house. If you wish to do that, please contact the organizers.



If You registrate untill April 20th, price for festival is : 50.00 EUR,

If You registrate untill May 1st, price for festival is:  65.00 EUR

If You registrate later than May 1st, price for festival is: 80.00 EUR


Registration fee 30.00 EUR is a part of the festival price ( nonrefundable in a case of cancellation)



If You would like to have meals, organized by festival, please mention that at the application. Vegitarian meal will cost 15.00 EUR, meal with meat – 20.00 EUR. Because of the supported of cafe „ Under the linden”, this price is for all days of the festival.

Please read the menu here.


 Festival T-Shirt:

Would you like to have a T-Shirt as a memory from “CONTACT at 12”? White or green? You can have it for 12.00 EUR. Please mention the color, you choose and the size at the application form.


 Creative team of „ CONTACT at GROBINA12”:


Agate Cukura –  director. Author of the idea and concept. Agate got involved in CI in 2011, when she started to study at dance department of Culture College of Latvia and started to join informal events for stage improvisation Time To Dance: improvisation, sketches. Now she is the first year student at dance department of Latvian Culture Academy. Being from Grobina, she feels that people from western part of Latvia might be interested in CI dance form. She has a talent to do management as well as dancing. In 2011 she organized the first CI weekend in Grobina what really worked well and that encouraged her to develop her idea. Our supporters are ready to support us this year again and Agate wants to create the tradition of CI festival in Grobina. Please, come and join!



Her Helpers:

Ilze Zirina – teacher, member of creative group. Works in contemporary dance field since 1997. 1997. Got MA in choreography ( Music Academy of Latvia ) in 2001. Professional skills learned from such teachers as Olga Zitluhina, David Zambrano, Maria Munoz, Pep Ramis, Julyen Hamilton, Hai Cohen, Masaki Iwana, Fiona Millward, Katri Soini, Benno Vorham, SU –EN to name few. Teacher of contemporary dance technique at Latvia Culture college, dance department and Contact Improvisation at Latvia Culture Academy, dance department and drama department.

Started to be involved in CI in 200 but more independently started to explore this dance form in 2005. Then she started to organize informal stage improvisation and JAM evenings Time To Dance: improvisation, sketches. The experience Ilze gets by teaching the students.

Ilze’s interest in CI for now is in the movement what is connected with the being precise in space, time and intensity.


Inese Upeniece – teacher. Started to develop contact improvisation and create it’s community since 2006 by teaching it herself and organizing guest workshops for non-professionals. She integrates her experience of improvisation and somatics in her classes, taking the inspiration from the ‘old-school’ viewpoint that the base of this movement art is the deep listening of ourselves and the partner, getting into the ‘here and now’ state, abandoning ownself to the freedom and responsibility which are offered through playing with the possibilities of the moment. Inese merges her experience of improvisation and contemporary dance, creative teacher’s charisma and the knowledge of body oriented psychotherapist, this way offering deep sense of ownself and the partner that helps both in contact improvisation and really any other dances.

She invites us to join her class: “Dance in Solo, Duet, trio”
It will be about the freedom on the dance floor alone, with a partner and in trio. The creative playing of the moments when we appear to be solo or trio situations which very often confuse the dancers. How to use these moments, how to feel comfortable in there by using the playful relationship between our own body with the gravity, with inertia, with axis, our own creativity to enjoy the freedom that this dance offers.

This class suits for everyone.



Gunta Zalaiskalna –teacher. Her education is connected with the pedagogy of children with the focus on  pshychology of family. But life brought her to visual arts and Contact Improvisation. She teach and regulary improves her skills both in Latvia and abroad. She emphasizes the natural flow of the dance and is sure that the easiest way how to find it, is to enjoy the life. Her experience in CI is 4 years.

At the festival she invites parents and their kids (2-6 y.o.) to have a class with her. There will be a possibility to focus on relationship between parents and kids in active and attractive way, emphasizing ability to listen to each other, to cooperate and to give the physical contact to the kid what is missing sometimes in everyday life. Exploration of ability in your body is an exciting process, especially together with the people you love most in this world. We will play games what creates trust, coordination, sense of rhythm and sensitivity. Movement elements will include transfer of the weight, rolling, balancing and other CI principle, what is connected to gravity and momentum.


Intesive by:


Adrian Russi (Switzerland) is one of the leading CI teachers in Switzerland and travels all over Europe to teach and perform Contact and Free Improvisation. He has been deeply involved in CI since 1992 and since then has dedicated the greatest part of his life to this wonderful dance form.

After studying Modern Dance at “bewegungs-art” in Freiburg/Germany he continued his education with many different teachers, including Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith who had started to develop CI in the early 1970s with a group of other dancers.

He offers his work as a freelancer to a wide range of people and also regularly gets invited to teach in schools. In his teaching he focuses on the technical aspects of CI (ease, precision and strength) as well as on matters of perception (sensation, connection of inner and outer space, of bottom and top) and on a creativity coming from a distinct body-awareness. For him the pleasure of play, of deep engagement in dance, and respect for others are the basis for gaining the best possible experience from dancing CI.

As a performer he works with many different international artists and his performances are primarily based on Free Improvisation incorporating Contact Improvisation, dance, dance-theatre, voice and live music. In 2007 he initiated “Moving Men”, a men’s trio with Charlie Morrissey and Jacky Miredin touring with their performance work all over Europe.

As an organizer of CI-events he is involved in many festivals, jams and teachers meetings, including the “Moscow Contact and Performance Festival”. For more information please visit

Adrian invites to join his intensive:

courage – trust  – surrender: Following through

Where does my dance lead me to when I give full commitment to gravity and to the movement flow? How does a lift feel like that moves both of us through space instead of simply bringing my partner straight up and down again? How can I find the trust to follow my partner unquestionably?

Following through is one of the core principals of Contact Improvisation – this is what I found in the last years of dancing, exploring and teaching this form. As following through is something very active it goes fare beyond of just letting the dance happen. To follow my own movement impulses, gravity and my partners dance I have to be absolutely present and to develop the ability to change the direction of my movement at any split second. Moving in this way will bring me inevitably into the very here-and-now – and the dance evolving from there may be very wild and fast or almost not visible from the outside.

In this workshop we will explore Contact Improvisation under the aspect of following through as well on the level of movement technique as from the improvisational point of view. This can be very demanding and liberating at the same time! You will need to find your trust, surrender and sometimes also your courage to follow the offered material, but over the time – hopefully when the workshop will end at the latest – you will discover more and more the big freedom, the excitement and the grace coming from the principal of following through.

We will work on movement principles, contact skills and – very important – on deepening our ability to perceive our body, the space and the partners movement. Improvisation scores and bodywork will round off our work in movement. There will be space for free dancing, verbal exchange and for silence to get a deeper understanding of this dance form and to integrate the new material in your own dancing.


 Classes also by:  

Julia Melnik (Lithuania) – teacher. In her movement research she is influenced from such authoraties Steve Paxton, Daniel Lepkoff, Julyen Hamilton, David Zambrano, Nancy Stark Smith. She is open to the diversity of in the movement and explores the idea of presence in improvisation through the experience of different disciplines, such as Argentina tango, marsal arts, hip-hop, contemporary dance, Feldenkrais method, dance improvisation and Contact Improvisation.

She invites to join her idea of “Invisible” movement technique. It is based on awareness being both a performer and audience. It brings preciseness, sophistication and power in dance. Focus goes to dancers’ relationship with the space and other people in the group. This class will invite participants to be also as audience, being aware that also then he/she is a participant of improvisation as well as the space around. By watching participants will learn to see, register and appreciate every moment, to escape the disappointment what usually comes after the expectations.




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