Contact improvisation together with Benno Voorham

February 17th – February 19th, 2012  workshop in Contact Improvisation ” Improvising Contact Improvisation”  by Benno Voorham ( Holland / Sweden ). Adress: Latvian Culture Academy ( Ludzas street 24, Riga )





BENNO VOORHAM  is a dancer, choreographer and teacher from Holland, who lives in Stockholm, Sweden since 1995. Graduated from New Dance Development School in Amsterdam in 1986. Since then actively takes part at different dance projectin different countries. Has created dance performances and collaborated with artists from other field. For several years ( 1993 – 2007)  has been a dancer at dance theatre ” Wrong movement ” ( Greece ) and has worked as an actor in the City Theatre of Stockholm ( 2005–2007) . Last years Benno is creating erformances for children and youth. Benno has visited Latvian Culture Academy for many times before.


Photo by Nadja Voorham


LEVEL:  Workshop is open for dancers of all levels.



February 17th ( Friday):  19:00–22:00;

February 18th ( Saturday): 11:00-17:00 ( break 1 hour );

February 19th (Sunday): 11:00-16:00 ( break 1 hour);

JAM session Saturday night!


PRICE: Ls 30-35; One class: Ls 8;



Inese Auzina: (+371) 29262198;