Contemporary dance festival “New Dance into the New Venue”


From October 1 till 6, 2013 the contemporary dance project “New Dance into the New Venue” initiated by DANCE.LV Journal will be held in R?zekne, in the recently opened multifunctional concert-hall of Eastern Latvia called “GORS”. During the event lectures and workshops led by Nordic and Baltic arts theoreticians and choreographers will be offered to the groups of journalists and arts organizers, as well as to local dance and theater teachers. Also several contemporary dance performances and films will be shown for the public.

On October 3 at 19:00 in the Small Hall of “GORS” the contemporary dance performance “And again about the same” will take place. The production is collaboration of Olga Zitluhina Dance Company and well-known Latvian rock band “Dzelzs Vilks” (“Iron Wolf”). The performance premiered in 2005 and it is still warmly accepted by the audiences. The story is as old as the world is – about the love flourishing and fading, but it is also full of fun, sensuality and comic moments. The special atmosphere is added by the live presence of the musicians of “Dzelzs vilks”.

On October 4 from 17:30 till 19:00 on the stage of the Big Hall of GORS the open class in contemporary dance will be available for everybody interested in contemporary dance.

On October 5, which will be the real festival day of the whole even, at 18:00 in the Small Hall within the stage arts festival of the Latvian Academy of Culture two performances by the students of the Latvian Academy of Culture will be shown: „Ornaments. Krustu krusti” choreographed by Krišj?nis Sants currently studying at the P.A.R.T.S. and „Il cimento della struttura e dell’accento” by  Sintija Sili?a who graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture in 2007,

Shortly before the performances, at 17:30, in the lobby of the venue the outcomes of the composition workshops will be shown.

In the conclusion of the festival day, on October 5 at 19:30 in the Big Hall of “GORS” the dance performance “The Lines of Tango” will take place. It is about Tango, around Tango, next to Tango. Within the performance dance company “Ritms” meet with the musicians of ensemble „Tango Sin Quinto” and singer Aija V?toli?a.

The festival “New Dance into the New Venue” is designed in a way so information and understanding of the contemporary dance would travel simultaneously through several channels, so the event would be not only for one night, but more lasting, so the dance would tell about itself, would show itself, would give chance to fee it within your own body. It is also important so the dance teachers get to know more about the contemporary dance and then could apply their knowledge when working with their students. Culture journalists and organizers will listen to the lectures about the history of world and Latvian contemporary dance  and about the essence of contemporary arts in general as well as role of this kind of arts outside the big cities. The participants will not only reflect about dance theoretically, but they will also get to know the movement „from inside” in all the stages – from warm up till public performance.

Among the project participants there are: arts theoretician Max Ryynanen (Finland), dancer, choreographer and teacher Annemari Autere (Norway/France), dancer, actress, choreographer Kristina Sorensen (Faroese islands), the project manager of the „Writing Movement” project Ine Therese Berg (Norway), dance critic Ingrida Gerbutavicuite (Lithuania), choreographer Olga Zitluhina (Latvia), theater and dance critic Dita Eglite (Latvia) and dance critic Inta Balode (Latvia).

Since 2012 DANCE.LV Journal is Latvian representative in the Baltic Nordic collaboration project “kedja Writing Movement”. The project was initiated because of the still pretty weak collaboration in the region, as well as because of the common search of the solutions in dance criticism, the space for culture in the media and also the education of the audiences about the contemporary dance. DANCE.LV Journal when thinking about the main activity in Latvia decided that the project should take place outside Riga – in the location where contemporary dance is still very little known. The project should include several groups of society and it should improve the understanding of contemporary dance and dance in general. Because of the happy coincidence exactly in the season of 2013/2014 the concert-hall GORS has its first season. So thanks to the interest from the management of the venue, the project “New Dance into the New Venue” in October will go to Rezekne. The aim of the project is to bring contemporary dance to the recently opened culture center and try to do it thoughtful enough so also in the future the interest and understanding about this genre remains strong.

The tickets are available on Buy tickets to 2 performances and get 20 % off, buy 3 – 30% off. More information about the workshops – call +371 26119946.

Organized by: 

DANCE.LV Journal


Latvian Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographers Association

Latvian Academy of Culture

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kedja Writing Movement

State Culture Capital Foundation

Culture Program of the European Union

Nordic Culture Fund

Nordic Culture Point

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