EARTH in the Kitchen

Inta Balode

We announce that Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012 has started! It has started with a tour to Scripps Coastal Reserve led by Isabelle Kay– a tour to big and small things nicely sharing mother Earth. With watching ocean sunsets where sun takes shapes of mushroom and pancakes. With checking out waves and listening to warnings about sea life being able to attack uncareful swimmers. With studio full of people hugging each other and saying their names during first morning class led by Olga Zitluhina. With Allyson Green’s smartly offered process’s topics – first day Earth, then Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. So simple, so clear and basic, also so many risks for the biggest cliches possible. Everything to arrive back to Scripps Coastal Reserve for Saturday’s Sacred Sky Sacred Earth: Pacific Meditation with Peter Terezakis light installation.

When we bring earth into the kitchen mom says: oh, no, I just washed the floor! When we see earth at the horizon, it might be that the latest America’s history beggings. When we see the Earth in the little round and thick window, it means that there is no oxygen outside. Dirty, dreamy, incredible, strong, unpredictable… earth can take whatever adjactives. She has taken a lot. We tend to be arrogant and blame only super-species i.e. ourselves for all the changes in the world. I did mess the whole thing up. I have cheewed tons of gums in my life. I like driving motorized vehicles. I like sticking fingers into the earth to charge my battery and have nothing to offer for change. The Earth has taken a lot. And everybody has something to say about that.

Four mini process vs product dance pieces were cooked with the help of earth on the first day of the Kitchen. Is process vs product possible at all when serious proffessional ambitious artists are involved? Comparison, competition, responsibility… Of course, we’re just playing but are we virgin enough to forget about capitalist ideals? Are we careless enough not to give moment of performance enjoyment to the wonderful dancers who are ready for everything, who work like crazy – fast, efficent, precise?! I know what I’m saying because today while playing dramaturg’s role for Olga’s piece, I saw how dancers work. It’s just enough to move little finger and everything happens!

I might get more structural and antroplogical and other „–al” analysis in the forthcoming days, today just to warm up couple words about each work shared in the afternoon of August 13. What is written bellow is a speculation on what the shared works (made in three(!) hours only) were about – on purpose little abstract and cheap poetic. I’m always curious about what happens to nice and unpretentious dance pieces once they start to get described, analysed, contextualizied…

Olga Zitluhina and Inta Balode (Latvia). The ambivalnece of the nature forces put together with floating human ideas. Mother earth breeds and protects, mother Earth takes back. EARTH is a place to plant.

Jazmin Chiodi (Ireland). Textualization of natural processes as an intrigue for a contemporary urban person. Reproduction is the aim, but also the process of getting there is valid aspect to talk about. EARTH makes to think about continuation.

Henry Torres and Angel Arambula (Mexico). Inhalation and exhalation and the pathway to reunion with natural speed and structures. The human head becomes good resonator once the sound is produced in there. Inhale the smell of the root, so flowers find their way up. EARTH is constant singing movement.

Renato Gonzalez (Mexico). Unification of the sounds pronounced with voice mechanism through hiding of the readable level. Speak out nature, and remember that nature speaks language without words. EARTH is complicated multilayered text which starts to make sense matter only when the search for code has stopped.