Saturday, June 15, 20.30/ Daile Theatre Small stage

Martin Schick (Switzerland)



Martin Schick & one guest dancer from an economically troubled countr

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Halfbreadtechnique is a funny and mind-triggering performance guided by Martin Schick, performing artist from Switzerland performing a performing artist from Switzerland. As a result of an investigation about living in „post-capitalism“ the event raises the question of how much we need for our own personal prosperity and investigates the „more“ in the „less“.

Halfbreadtechnique was first introduced to the public at Julidans Amsterdam 2012 and is now on tour all over Europe to gain people’s heart. And money…

An unusual event that might change your evening program completely!


“A big eye opener for the students and an amazing experience.”

Kerstin Anderson, Head of Continuing Education / Kunstskolen Denmark

„Money is simply a hot topic and it’s so wonderfully liberating, the mind gets attacked and so many doors are pushed open!“

 Marion Reuter


Martin Schick is a freelance performer and choreographer from Switzerland, living in Berlin. He works on scenic plays, researches, performing acts and installations, investigating on human economies and the influence of socio-political movements to the art-environment and vice-versa. After visiting a private ballet-school, he studied theatre at the University of Arts in Berne. Then after a short career as an actor for TV and cinema, he started to work for independent theatre and dance-productions. In collaboration with Laura Kalauz he realized CMMN SNS PRJCT (2011) which is on tour around the world and Title (2009) that was honored with the ZKB patronage prize in 2009 at Theaterspektakel Zürich. In 2012 he realized a solo piece called NOT MY PIECE in the frame of the BBI that was selected for the Swiss contemporary dance days 2013. He recently worked together with INTERROBANG in Berlin and he is now about to realize 2 new projects: HOLIDAY ON STAGE (premiered in June 2013) and THE REALITY PROJECT (premiered in 2014, supported by the European network WEB).


Curriculum Ruinae


Martin Schick grew up next to busy street. With 10 years he fell asleep on the bike and lost one front tooth. Some years later a lorry almost crushed him when striking out on the pavement. 1999 he was thrown out of military service due to an authority problem. 2003, in a brainless moment, he was auditioning for the Musical academy August Everding in Munich, where they told him that he is too old. On the same request, he did not go to the exam at PARTS in Brussels in 2005. 2006 he was invited to work with David Zambrano, but he decided to do a stupid job for TV instead. In 2007, he was rejected at the auditioning at the Burgtheater in Vienna due to a lack of the ‘elbow-technique’. 2009 he was in the last round for a deodorant-publicity in London, where the other guy finally won and earned 30’000 EUR. 2010 he wanted to study theology at the Humboldt University and as he did not find the office to ask for information, he gave up. In 2011, he was expulsed from the Agency Heppeler for doing independent theatre instead of movies. Since that moment, he is quite successful one could say…



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