Henry lit my FIRE or stop, drop and roll

Inta Balode

This will be more personal than EARTH, WATER and AIR. FIRE is personal; it tends to interact very directly and very obviously. Becoming a choreographer for two hours just by a chance is also very personal. And it lit my FIRE.

I enter the studio and Henry (Henry Torres ) says I was thinking about superheroes. But I’m not a superhero. Henry says they have fire superpowers, different versions. But for me fire is nice and warm, and cozy. Except once when I as a kid burned curtains in granny’s room. Mom says that after that I cried when saw candles. Henry asks what can we do? I ask do you want text? He says, yes, text would be good. Henry asks what could we do? I say there were brother’s Prometheus and Epimetheus. Henry asks what task we can give to the dancers through that? No idea how choreographers do that but I say – thinking before doing and thinking after doing. Henry says to dancers: „Don’t think!” And they do. And they look like lost superheroes. Can’t believe my eyes! So we have superheroes, so what? So good we have Alan (Alan Stones ) with many fire sounds, and recorder for text which might come up but also may be not. Alan works fast but doesn’t become stressed superhero, he just does. Henry says they can stand in a line while doing that. I say there were so many lines in the days before. I say let’s do triangle because it has something to do with the Olympus mountain, with the sacral coming down to earth, and it’s not a popular shape in dance. Henry agrees. Because he doesn’t know I’m not a choreographer. Henry wants to talk about small things partners hate in each other – dishes, toothbrushes, chips on the carpet… I don’t know what it has to do with the superheroes, but I’m sure Henry knows. If we just knew how our little nasty phrases echo in the world of gods and superheroes! They are burning out, losing their powers, destroying universes, but we are still talking. Henry says we need get out of that, we need to find the ending, we need to finish the piece. I say we need Deus ex machina, we need teleportation, we need so everybody just disappears. Henry says we need to put out the fire. We need something and as we know if the wish is strong the world holds hands to help us. I think John helped us (correct me if I’m wrong), he says when a person is in fire and runs there are three steps to do: stop, drop and roll. So we STOP, DROP and ROLL, STOP, DROP and ROLL, STOP, DROP and ROLL…

What did the story tell us?

1. In order to put out the fire: stop, drop and roll

2. In order to do something new and unexpected: stop, drop and roll

Take a look at how it looked: