Human Project

Simona Orinska (Latvia)

Sunday, 16.06.2013. 19.00 / Zirgu pasts

IDEA GNOSIS – Ieva Putnina, Atvars Buka, Laura Feldberga, Anda Huna, Viktorija Eksta, Anna Egle

Simona Orinska – direction, choreography

Dana Indane, Arvis Kantiševs – sound

Andrejs Kruminš – lightning

Gita Straustina – videoart

‘Human project’ is a multi-disciplinary performance exploring the levels of Latvian mytho-poetic thinking – archetypes of folklore, layers of Christianity, grotesque of Medieval theatre and butoh dance, and the process-driven and paradoxical code of post-dramatic theater and contemporary dance – in contemporary context. This performance is a metaphor of spiritual evolvement: in order to discern a new path, human being must face his private shadows, it’s how the authors of performance introduces her work.

Photo: Paulis Jakušonoks