If you say you love dance, support it!


Supporting doesn’t mean donating thousands and hundreds of euros. None of us is rich. We don’t love dance because we want to be rich. Good news are that we are many. And all of us know how bad it is when it is bad and when you need support. Few people who are close by understand you, in most cases the ones who understand you best are far away all around the world. Big and influential contemporary dance mafia in every little corner of the globe. The ones who know that the future lies within the body not within the technology. But technology is very helpful – so just click, click, click some euros and our friends’ ZonaD studio in Bucharest is saved. And we have proved our love of dance and our irresistibly growing impact in the global world! Not much time left – only till November 30!

ZonaD – “Make dance happen” fundraising campaign

Message from Stefania Ferchedau (ZonaD manager) & Cosmin Manolescu (ZonaD artistic director)

We opened ZonaD – Serial Paradise studio in June 2012, as a lab-space dedicated to contemporary dance and arts, with a programme focused on professional development, artistic research and audience development. In a difficult political and cultural context for contemporary arts, we assumed the risk, the responsibility and the passion to support a new artistic space in Bucharest. ZonaD is administered by Gabriela Tudor Foundation (former Project DCM Foundation), a pioneer organisation in the field of contemporary dance, with over 15-year activity.

Since we open the space, the time went by quickly, full of the many things we made happen, of both the joy and hard work to have a space in Romania. As ZonaD gained its recognition on the artistic scene, the context for contemporary arts has progressively deteriorated, leaving us now in the impossibility to project on the long term the existence of the studio, though extensive projects are ongoing until 2015.

We would like to continue ZonaD story in 2014, but we won’t be able to make this happen without your support, of all those who joyfully benefitted from the space and of all those who strongly believe in the benefit brought about by independent spaces, by the diversity of artistic proposals and their contribution, sometimes invisible on the short term, but essential on the long term, to the development of contemporary arts in Romania. Through our ongoing projects we have already raised an important part of the needed funds to continue our work in the ZonaD space, however these do not fully cover the costs of the studio in 2014. We value your support for the “Make dance happen” campaign and your contribution will also benefit from a gift we offer in return.

Please find more about the campaign, our achievements and future projects from http://www.artsf.ro/files/ZonaD_donate.htm

Video ZonaD: https://vimeo.com/channels/500996


We need at least EUR 4000 to be able to continue our activity in 2014 in the space located in Bucharest, 3 Iulia Hasdeu St.

The donations will be used to cover the renting costs of the space in 2014, which cannot be fully covered from the grants received for the on-going projects. Donators bring EUR 4000, and we add EUR 10000.


Donations are open from October 10 until November 30, 2013.

You can make a donation:

 – through PayPal at serial.paradise@artsf.ro.

 – through wire transfer at:

Gabriela Tudor Foundation

Fiscal code: 9342651

EURO: RO97 RZBR 0000 0600 1381 2223

USD: RO76 RZBR 0000 0600 1127 2171

CHF: RO54 RZBR 0000 0600 1127 2179

Bank: Raiffeisen Bank, Piata Amzei Agency, Bucharest, Romania

Swift code: RZBRROBU

Please find about the awards we offer from http://www.artsf.ro/files/ZonaD_donate.htm

In case the target amount shall not be raised, we will be in the situation to close the ZonaD space at the end of 2013 and to transform it in a mobile platform.

The announced awards shall be offered to all those who contribute, no matter if the target amount shall be raised or not, while the received donations shall be counted as co-funding for the E-Motional project, for which we need to bring 50% of the total budget, as well as for the ZonaD mobile platform.

The funding received for the on-going projects cover an important part of the ZonaD costs in 2014, but not all of these, and this is the reason why we need your support.

All contributions are welcome; donate so that ZonaD continues to exist. Make dance happen!

Thank you very much for your support.

Stefania Ferchedau (ZonaD manager) & Cosmin Manolescu (ZonaD artistic director)


Contact: serial.paradise@artsf.ro / +40 740 300 124 / +40 722 322 366