Il cimento della struttura e dell’accento

Sunday, June 16, 21.00 / Riga Doms courtyard

 Sintija Silina (Latvia)

In collaboration with the students of contemporary dance choreography of the Latvian Academy of Culture



Choreography: Sintija Silina

Music: Antonio Vivaldi, ELVI

Sound: Kristaps Krievs

Dance: Agate Bankava, Annija Belogrudova, Girts Bisenieks, Ivars Bronics, Agate Cukura, Taisija Frolova, Rudolfs Gedins, Eva Kronberga, Ruta Kublicka, Sandra Lapina, Karina Lapsina, Anastasija Lonsakova, Anne-Birth Nord, Anna Novikova, Ruta Pakalne, Alise Putnina, Janis Putnins, Martins Spruds, Anete Tambaka, Maija Tjurjapina


This performance is based on an impulse from the world’s famous baroque standard Il cimento dell’armonia e dell’inventione (The Contest Between Harmony and Invention, 1725) by Antonio Vivaldi. Electronic musician ELVI uses excerpts of a vintage recording of the concertos to create soundscapes to detailed choreography for 20 dancers. The piece seeks an internal answer to external questions – content or form? Texture or accent? Technics or sense? What is really of importance lies somewhere in between? And the answers stay invisible. As does the most of the eternal everything.


Sintija Silina is a choreographer, performer and contemporary dance educator working both freelance and within the open collective Dance Anatomy since 2007. Her specific interest lies in music – teaching movement and stage improvisation to young music performers, thus implementing live music into most of her own work is generic. It is her first collaboration with electronic musician ELVI (known as Elvi Soulsystems and ELVI/DUNIAN).

Photo: Kaspars Kursišs