Joana von Mayer Trindade (Portugal)

Workshop “One Whole Body – At Once”


 In this workshop I will deal with questions/concepts/practices related to the expression “Nameless Natures”, the title of my last piece. First, the method will be to continuously explore via training exercises and improvisations a wide scoped set of mental and physical states, from the abstract to the concrete, starting from such notions as “Being”, “Space”, “Subject”, “Awakening”, “Energy”, “Other”. These notions call for an idea of wholeness, and encompass the full spectrum of a performer´s work, in one way or the other. The second stage will appeal to specific ways in which to present such a whole, at once, as performance always happens at once, in one body, yours, different from all the others. Keywords for this stage are those that guided “Nameless Natures”: Framing and Unframing, Visibility and Invisibility, Postures and Impostures, Composition and Dissolution, Conflict and Rest, Chaos and Order. A leitmotiv for the workshop could be that the “one whole body – at once” never has a name: it is a nameless moving nature whose face persists and resists in being unseen. Nothing can resist change, but change itself: “One Whole Body – At Once”.


Joana von Mayer Trindade (Portugal) – choreographer, performer and teacher. She received Master degree SODA (Solo/ Dance/ Authorship) at University for the Arts Berlin UDK/HZT 2013. Graduated in Psychology by FPCEUP.  Joana together with Hugo Calhim Cristovão is the founder of NuIsIs ZoBoP. She has finished the Course of Contemporary Dance Performers (1999) and Dance Comunity Teachers Course (2001) – both at Forum Dança and accomplished the course Essais CNDC d’ Angers/ Emmanuelle Huynh (2006), with a scholarship by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. As a creator performer she worked in collaboration with artists such as: Antonio Carallo, Wil Swanson, Paulo Henrique, Olga Roriz, Filipe Viegas, Sónia Baptista, Min Tanaka, Deborah Hay, Ana Clara Guerra Marques, Emmanuelle Huynh, Eric Didry, Danya Hammoud and Isabelle Schad. With direction and creation by Hugo Calhim Cristovão in the context of NuIsIs ZoBoP, she creates and performes the pieces: “She Will Not Live, “VELEDA” and “ZOS (She Will Not Live)”. Of her authorship with artistic collaboration of Hugo Calhim Cristovão  she underlines the following pieces: “Between Being and Becoming” for EdgeComapany (The Place London), “Installation-Exhibition For All, and For None”, “M EN I N A S” , “S A L T U S” and “NAMELESS NATURES”. She is the author of the following written essays: “Just a Point. No More, No Less”, “Chaos as an Inevitable Tool for Composition”, “The Cruelty of Creation” and  “Truthful Images”.

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