kedja Wilderness call!


Wilderness Dance, a project by Nordic-Baltic dance paltform kedja, announces a call for applications to a unique residency opportunity for dance artists and companies during 2013 – 2014 in a close proximity to wild nature. Deadline for application is August 15th 2012.

Wilderness Dance

Wilderness Dance residencies will take place in 10 communities in Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Denmark and Finland, offering artists from the Nordic/Baltic region a platform to explore, engage, create and present work in a close proximity to wild nature and local residents.

The Wilderness Manifesto

The vast Nordic/Baltic region is a unique source for artistic inspiration.

Wilderness brings areas on the edge into the limelight as partakers in a strong contemporary dance project.

Wilderness contributes to the public debate about the future of Nordic peripheral communities.

Wilderness believesIn the power of the ARTS in the force of ART for regional development

That ART is indispensable for the quality of life in all communities.

Wilderness offers

Two 21-day residencies in 2 different communities in 2 of the Wilderness countries – in total 42 days.

Travel, accommodation and subsistence for up to 5 artists during each residency

A fee of € 1.300 per artist and up to € 3.000 towards production costs.

An opportunity to engage with and be inspired by various local resources, events, circumstance and last but not least – its people.

Residency period

From January 2013 till May 2014

The two 21 day residencies have been pre-matched/combined by the Wilderness partners. Check here for details:

Criteria for application

A Nordic/Baltic identity. The call is open to artistic groups from all of the 8 Nordic and Baltic countries. The group / majority of artists in the group either have to live and work in the Nordic/Baltic region or have a close professional relationship with it. We will not ask for individuals passports.

A genuine interest to engage with the local community. See the descriptions of each community on

The proposed artistic idea has a clear focus on contemporary dance. The artistic group can be composed of artists from various genres.

The 10 artistic groups will be selected by the Wilderness partners. 5 groups, one from each of the 5 Wilderness countries will be chosen. The other 5 groups can be from any of the 8 Nordic and Baltic countries.


Online registration form

Please study all information well, including videos from all countries presented on and the pre-matched combinations before you fill in the registration form. You will be asked to select your 1st , 2nd and 3rd choice of matched residency places. Make sure you are available for the requested choices, periods of residencies are non-negotiable. Please note that artistic groups should not choose a residency in their own home country.

Application deadline is August 15.

The participants will be confirmed by September 30.

Contact for keðja Wilderness

Asa Richardsdóttir

Wilderness Dance is a part of kedja 2012-2015. Wilderness partners are Performing Arts Iceland (IS), Bora Bora (DK), MAD production (FI), Dansarena Nord (NO) and New Theatre Institute of Latvia (LV).

Supported by EU Culture Programme 2007-2013 and Nordic Culture Point.