The Kitchen goes to Tijuana and thinks about borders

Inta Balode

Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012 has moved to Tijuana, Mexico for it’s last two days. All the choreographers are working together and thinking about BORDER. Here is a short photo and comment reportage from August 20 in Tijuana.



1. We went to see the border and found a wall.

2. We tried to look through the wall to get to know more about the border.

3. And we saw that through the wall there is another wall.

4. Then we gathered at the wall to try to look together.

5. And the wall spoke to us…

6. And the wall really liked to talk…

7. But artists are not the ones who can be taken by political slogans. So we went to the studio. It turned out to be ballet studio but that’s ok.

8. So we just build another wall to see how it looks.

9.  Henry Torres was smiling in the wall.

10. Allyson Green was connecting the wall.

11. Olga Zitluhina was trying to get through the wall.

12. Jazmin Chiodi was fighting the wall.

13. Claudia Lavista was directing the wall.

14. Alexandre Iseli was thinking about the wall.

15. Renato Gonzalez was looking for the beginning of the wall.

16. Angel Arambula knew there is no way to avoid the wall; the only choice is to have different perspectives.

17. Alan Stones searched for the sound of the wall.

18. Inta Balode was sitting in the corner and being curious about the details of the wall.