Ko Murobushi (Japan) at TIME TO DANCE 2014

Ko Murobushi (Japan)

Butoh workshop

An experienceof a loss of words, a loss of oneself in an encounter with the inscrutable, with the unknown – dance is the sensuality formed inthis transient moment. All forms will collapse, and bear in their collapse.

Also further our danceis a risky process of disappearance andappearance.

It is an incessantly throwing of the body.

There is a freedom and creationin dancing       in freeforms, collapsing forms.

We can gain a much, much deeper knowledge – and of what?

About distance.

About eroticism.

Why do we feel more “distant” the closer we are?

Why are we so fascinated by the sick and why do we desire even the infection?


Subject of the Workshop:

What is Edge = Technically Body

What is crisis = the Body as incident / accident

What is improvisation = the Body in outside


Ko Murobushi is one of the best known and acclaimed Butoh artists in the world. He studied with Tatsumi Hijikata in 1968. Then he joined to establish the Butoh group Dairakudakan. In 1974 he created the Butoh-magazine Hageshii Kisetsu (Violent Season) and?founded a female Butoh company Ariadone and a only-male Butoh group: Sebi.?With a co-production of these two groups he brought the Butoh to Europe?and contributes to the recognition of Butoh in Europe: “Le Dernier Eden – Porte de l’au – delá”

succeeded in Paris in 1978.

His solo productions and group production have been invited by numerous international dance festivals. In 2003, he settled his unit Ko & Edge Co and this unit presented titled Experimental Body which is searching “Edge” in a physical way.

Ko’s latest solo performances called “Krypt” and ”Ritournelle”, his latest duo performance with the famous director and hors rider Bartabas “Le Centaure et l’animal” lead him to world tours.

His choreographies as well as his solo performances continue to establish Ko Murobushi as one of the highest reputed representatives of Butoh, and every moment Ko challenges to reach new possibility of Butoh.

Photo: Osamu Awane