Latvian Dance Information Center starts the series “Dance is thinking”


On March 26, 2018, from 15:00 till 18.00 in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia (Marijas iela 13/3, Berga Baz?rs) the first event of the series “Dance is thinking” will be organized by Latvian Dance Information Centre. The series of events will include different lectures, demonstrations, seminars, insights into the creative processes and other forms of public presentations by Latvian and foreign professionals. The aim of the project is to give an insight into physical, intellectual, visual and emotional ideas about the dance arts and the use of those ideas in other field and everyday life.

One of the aims of the Latvian Dance Information Centre (LDIC) established in July 2017 is to promote the growth of the artistic quality of the dance field and enhance the interest of the society in the achievements in dance. Inta Balode, board member of LIDC, says: “Even if this aim which is trusted to us by the Ministry of Culture sounds quiet formal and because of that hard to realise, we see it also as quite a straight forward mission – promoting accessibility of dance thoughts and knowledge. It is worth to look at the themes researched within dance field. Especially in the context when the development of science already for a longer time doesn’t place thinking only within some kind of cold, detached from embodiment and abstract container of mind.”

The first event proposes meetings with two Nordic artists. Choreographer and ballet pedagogue Annemari Autere had her ballet carrier in Norway and Sweden and currently she lives in France. She has given masterclasses in Latvia several times – while working with dancers at the Latvian Academy of Culture, Riga Choreography School, Latvian National opera and ballet, festivals “Time to Dance” and “New Dance in a New Place”, The Association of Professional ballet etc. Annemari will offer a lecture-demonstration “Knowing body” dealing with the issues of human anatomy in quite scientific nevertheless broader than usual perspective. Her BalletBodyLogic method of body conditioning or “tuning the instrument” is equally useful for ballet dancers and IT specialists, for break-dancers and housewives.

Another guest will be theatre and dance researcher, the chair of the board of the Nordic Summer University (NSU) Disa Kamula from Finland. She will talk about the model of NSU, particularly pointing out the role of artistic research, which is a great platform not only for academics but also for arts practitioners to share their creative searches and through that promoting the prestige and accessibility of usually quiet silent dance arts. Disa Kamula will share her experience on how the ability to reflect on your own artistic practice influences the audience development.

The event is free of charge; however the number of participants is limited, so please register in advance through email – Working language will be English.

Supported by: The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia and Nordic Summer University.

Annemari Autere ( got engaged by the Norwegian National Ballet in 1969, she has danced most of the classical repertoire, as well as ballets of George Balanchine, Fredric Ashton, Flemming Flint, Glenn Tetley, Birgit Cullberg, Mats Ek etc., under the following Ballet Masters: Sonja Arova, Anne Borg, Poul Gnatt, Viktor Rona, Constantin Damianov, Brenda Last and Jens Graff. As a thirteen-year member of the Norwegian National Ballet, Mrs. Autere toured Norway, Finland, Central Europe and the United States. In 1974 she was invited by the Royal Ballet of Sweden for a tour in the United States and Canada.

Mrs. Autere has danced in several TV productions, as a freelance dancer as well as a member of the Norvegian National Ballet. She left the Norwegian National Ballet in 1983, to work as a freelance performer, choreographer and teacher and started her own company. She has received several grants from the state and private foundations and institutions (Statens Reise og- Utdannelses Stipend, Oslo By’s Kunstner Stipend, Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere, Thorleif Dahls Stipend…).

Mrs. Autere knows the Russian style (Vaganova), the Royal Ballet and the Bournonville School of teaching. In modern dance she is mainly influenced by M. Graham and José Limon. She teaches also floor-barre and techniques of body-control, stretching and lengthening muscles and specific exercises to strengthen the core muscles.

Her work has developed into a personal method of teaching ballet named BalletBodyLogic. She takes the body’s own logic into account and advocates that technique is mechanical and depends on core muscles (red muscle fibers) only. This work has made out of Mrs. Autere a sought after guest teacher/educator and she has presented her method at ADF (American Dance Festival), at Universities in Finland, Sweden, Holland, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, USA… at the Opera Ballet School in Oslo, Norway, Riga State Ballet School in Latvia, Arts Printing House in Vilnius, Lithuania, Riga Contemporary Dance Festival as well as Riga National Ballet, Modern Dance Company Fine 5 in Tallinn, Physical Virus Collective (PVC) in Freiburg and at conferences like IADMS (International Association for Dance Medicine and Science), NOFOD (Nordic Forum for Dance Research), TaMeD (TantzMedicinDeutschland), UNESCO/CID.

During 1993 and 1994, Mrs. Autere was Ballet Mistress and Rehearsal Director for the company Nye Carte Blanche in Bergen, Norway.

Based in France since 1987, Mrs. Autere was “Professeur Associée” at the Arts Department of the University of Nice from 1997 to 2009. She is the founder and Artistic Director of the Compagnie Ariel and works today as freelance artist, teacher and choreographer.


MA Disa Kamula is an independent theatre and drama researcher, theatre director, dramaturge, teacher and performer. She graduated as Master of Arts from the University of Tampere 2007 majoring in Theatre and Drama Research. Her main research interests are in different theatre training methods and listening, Japanese Suzuki Actor Training method, improvisational compositions and collective artistic co-creation.

Disa is founding member and the chair of a Finnish art collective association called Jotain Odottamatonta ry. (in English: Something Unexpected Association) also know as “JOTODO”. JOTODO was established in 2015 and it’s mission is to make the world more playful. JOTODO is creating work for freelance artists, and maintains a pop-up space in Tampere, Finland for collective art practices. JOTODO develops site-specific artistic events, creates performance concepts and organizes international workshops and projects.

Dsa has been actively involved in the Nordic Summer University (NSU) Study Circle 7 since 2009 as a participant, coordinator and currently she is the chair of the NSU board on her second year (2017-2018). Her article “Embodiment through listening” was published in the Artistic Research: Strategies for Embodiment – anthology by NSU Press in 2015.

Recently Disa has been working with communities in audience development work in theatre, contemporary dance and in her local community. She is currently working as audience development worker in the Tampereen Teatteri (Theater of Tampere) and as a drama teacher for 13-18 years old in basic education of theatre at the city of Tampere. Her next premiere as director will be in April 14th at the Tampere Music Academy, a monologue drag musical written and performed by Teemu Sytelä, who is graduating from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences this spring.