Lithuanian dance critic Ingrida Gerbutavi?i?t? about DANCES OF THE LOST


As DANCE.LV journal already reported on May 5, 2011 Dances of the Lost – work by Olga Zitluhina Dance Company – was performed during the International Contemporary Dance Festival “New Baltic Dance’11”. We are grateful to Lithianian dance critic Ingrida Gerbutavi?i?t? that she found time to translate into English the paragraph from her festival overview where she speaks about Dances of the Lost.

Ingrida Gerbutavi?i?t?

During the International Contemporary Dance Festival “New Baltic Dance’11” our Latvian neighbours presented an intriguing performance of Olga Zitluhina’s “Dances of the Lost”. In just one evening, the piece was realized at the courtyard of the Arts Printing House four times in a row, enabling observers to capture instantaneous snapshots of the show’s spirit and to enjoy ever-changing peripheral images. The scenery was rigged with visual materials especially designed for this performance ? forests and springs at the Black Sea ? which were only highlighted by the end of the show; but, beforehand, dancers wearing brown and gray costumes and two huge wooden logs holding one big stripe of linoleum portrayed the link between the overall plot and the brumally leafless, drying or fallen trees. Mostly dance duets, less frequently trios, expressed power and strength, adaptation and instability, they were young and old, delicate and strong, caught between the harmony of nature and the destructiveness of human intervention.

Full festival overview by Ingrida Gerbutavi?i?t? (in Lithuanian) –