Many lives of DANCES OF THE LOST by Olga Zitluhina Dance Company


On May 5, 2011 Dances of the Lost will be performed during the International Contemporary Dance Festival “New Baltic Dance’11” ( – this time in the courtyard of Arts Printing House in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Though the lives of Dances of the Lost started three years ago – it was created as the part of arts research project and conference Metamind (the topic of 2008 was Metamorphoses of the World: Traces, Shadows, Reflections, Echoes, and Metaphors) and it was premiered on October 3, 2008 at D.FAB in Riga. The new form of the performance is tried out. It is similar to the rules of the arts gallery event. The performance lasts 40 minutes, but it is run four times without breaks. So the audience can come and leave whenever they want to. The rules of the performance can be changed.

Because of the adjustable form Dances of the Lost never stay in the same place twice. So the show in D.FAB was followed with performance at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Riga Arts Space, Arsenal Exhibition Hall and Spikeri Concert Hall. Each time the layout changes and the set design varies from the video of summer forest to snowy Finland, from the painting exhibited in the arts gallery, to the wall of the buildings.

Because of the connection with the conference Dances of the Lost got another life –  in 2010 the article about the Dances of the Lost got included in the published conference materials.

Inta Balode Olga Žitluhina Dance Company presents Dances of the Lost. Proceedings of the International Research Conference „Metamorphoses of the World: Traces, Shadows, Reflections, Echoes, and Metaphors”, 2010, Metamind, Riga

Dances of the Lost

Dance – Ramona Galkina, Ilze Z?ri?a, Santa Gr?nfelde, Andris Ka?anovskis, Val?rijs O?ehno, Dmitrijs Gaitjuk?vi?s

Choreography – Olga Zitluhina and dancers

Music – Gabriel Prokofiev, Cache

Photography – Andris Ka?anovskis, Val?rijs O?ehno, Dmitrijs Gaitjuk?vi?s

Video design – P?teris Br?ni?š, Olga Zitluhina

Lighting design – P?teris Sešo

Technical support – SIA “RJK”, „P&B”