„My body is my face”

This year the International Contemporary Dance Festival „LAIKS DEJOT” (time to dance) with the motto: „My body is my face” wants to focus attention to the main expressive means of dance – the body. The programme includes performances in which artists of various countries and cultures reveal their versions about the conscious and unconscious resources of the body, its link with the individual’s inner world and existence in the outer world.
The festival invites to see dance performances and attend workshops and lectures by artists from China, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania.
The festival was started in 1998 as evenings of contemporary dance performances of Latvian choreographers. In course of time it has managed to grow into an international festival and call forth wide interest among the professionals and interested persons in contemporary dance also outside Latvia which is evidenced by the variety of countries represented in previous festivals – Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Cyprus, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Moldova, Netherland, Norway, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA.
The festival is organized by the Latvian Professional Contemporary Dance Choreographers’ Association in collaboration with the European project „E-Motional: rethinking Dance” and the union „Party”.
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