Nomadic School is looking for participants


International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus invites 6 international students to participate in the Nomadic School to be held in Riga, September 4 – 11, 2015 during the Festival.

About the project

The project Nomadic School is co-curated by Silvia Bottiroli (Santarcangelo dei Teatri) and Guy Gutman (School of Visual Theatre), as a collaborative and experimental platform for an investigation of the mutual relationships between performance and education. Its program will include seminars, talks, workshops and the possibility to follow the artistic programme of Homo Novus festival.

Nomadic School Shipbuilding and other joint efforts

Riga, Latvia, 4 –  11 September 2015

The 2nd edition of Nomadic School is an investigation of the multiple dimensions of engagement and shared learning. A Festival, a School are ships made by many for many. They are designed as intensive environments of constant friction and of sometimes harsh conditions. They are a calling to regroup and to voyage together on a mission. To become a pack, a tribe, shipmates. Yet simultaneously, as liminal spaces and modes of transit,  both school and Festival must question the very alliance that form them and be suspicious of the mutual.

Nomadic School is an invitation to navigate within these intensities and oppositions, to trace but also to put them in suspension, to create voids and secret liaisons.

The programme of the school will journey through and around the programme of the festival establishing connections, inhabiting the spaces in between, taking walks, reading together, questioning the ways we work, think and learn together.

Addressed as a disposition rather than as a thematic, Nomadic school will trace paths where inhabitants and visitors, artists and students, locals and foreigners, humans and objects, can cohabit the very specific atmosphere of a festival, engaging into a collective research trajectory – namely, a “school” – that will ground its contents into the specific topics raised by the performances, the talks, the wanderings, the buildings, the time off and the time on of a festival meant as a public gesture and a school powered by friendship.

The program involves: Silvia Bottiroli (artistic director, Santarcangelo Festival),  Guy Gutman (Director, School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem), Livia Andrea Piazza (researcher, Brussels), Paride Piccinini (architect, Forlì), Tami Lebovits (choreographer, Tel Aviv), Philippe Quesne (director and scenographer, Paris).


The call is reserved for students in various fields of performance ( theatre, performance, chorography, dance, scenography) but also open for students in related fields such as philosophy, architecture, design etc.,  who are eager and willing to engage in a research process and experimentation.  

The Nomadic School will take place in Riga, Latvia between the 4th– 11th of September 2015 with arrival day on September 4 and departure day on September 11. It is conceived as a habitat, an environment for sharing all the activities and responsibilities of a temporary community, as the modalities of living together are considered as part of the learning experience per se.

Conditions for participation

  • Application consisting of short biography, an image that you consider related to the project (can be an image from your own work or other), a motivation letter – why are you interested in joining (1 side of A4 max)
  • Availability from 4th to 11th of September (period of activities)
  • Openness to live and work with other people
  • Good knowledge of English is required as all the Nomadic School activities are in English
  • Possibility to organise your travel and cover your international travel expenses. Free entrance to festival program, basic accommodation and food will be provided by the festival – yet expect shared lodging and modest meals

Deadline for application: August 7, 2015. Selection results will be emailed to all applicants by August 10, 2015.

Please email your application to curator of the Nomadic School Guy Gutman ( ) and director of the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus Gundega Laivina (

For full program of Homo Novus Festival please visit: