Professional studies

It is possible to get professional education in contemporary dance at Latvia Culture college ( two years studies ) and at Latvian Culture Academy ( studies four years  )

Latvia Culture college.


Dance – the artistic director of amateur contemporary dance group. The duration of studies – 2 years, full time. The program gives theoretical and practical knowledge. The students can acquire such dance forms as classical dance, contemporary dance ( release ), body alignment, composition, jazz dance, hip-hop, character dance, latvian folk dance. In two years students should become an able artistic director of amateur dance group, so the main focus in studies is to open the potencial of independence and creativity.


One of the most experienced and rich in traditions colleges in Latvia, offers modern cultural education according to the demands of labor market. LCC was founded in 1946 as Latvia School of Cultural Employees. According to the rapid in changes political situation, the reorganization was carried out in 1990 and some innovative curriculums were developed and introduced relevant to the demands of the new economical situation and labour market. Currently LCC provides first level professional higher education programs in arts and culture management:

* Management of Culture with specializations in

* -amateur theatre direction,

* – festival and event direction,

* – music management,

* – exhibitions management,

* – publishing,

* – environmental design

* Contemporary Dance

* Amateur theatre direction

* Culture Tourism management

* Public Relations and Advertising

* Library Science and Information Technologies

There are 500 or so students and 50 teachers in the college. Students can enrol after the graduation of secondary schools. The duration of studies is 2-3 years.

Latvia Culture college has expertise in educational and cultural processes in Latvia and Baltic region, as well as appropriate manager and researcher/lecturer staff enabling active participation in and co-ordinator of many transnational projects. Among partners of LCC are more than 30 partners in 21 countries.

During last ten years LCC has coordinated a number of mobility projects un under EC Leonardo da Vinci initiative. As a result of it more than 30 students and teachers accomplished placement and exchange programmes in 12 countries and more than 15 institutions.


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Latvian Academy of Culture


Studies at Latvian Academy of Culture are designed to acquire and expand theoretical knowledge, research and creative artistic skills in the chosen study area. All courses of study at LAC have been accredited in 2007, through 2013, by the Latvian Accreditation Commission, an institution established by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Choreography of Contemporary Dance in the subprogram of the Bachelor’s program “ Arts”

The aim of the subprogram is to train theoretically and practically educated BA graduates capable of thinking and working independently and creatively, professional choreographers, dancers and teachers of contemporary dance. During their studies the students are offered general humanitarian education, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of contemporary and traditional dance. The subprogram provides the possibility to get to know the latest tendencies of the world in the art of dance, its methods and creativity.

The students are also offered courses and master classes, which are conducted by the guest professors from different countries (different contemporary dance techniques, improvisation, contact improvisation,) as well as participation in the current dance activities in Latvia.

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