Ramona Galkina

Dancer, dance teacher, choreographer, Feldenkrais Method practitioner. Dancer at Olga Zitluhina Dance Company. BA of Arts (Latvian Academy of Culture, 2003), MA of Arts in Choreography (Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music, 2007) , Certificated Feldenkrais Method practitioner (Vienna, 2004).



One thought on “Ramona Galkina”

  1. Hello Ramona,

    I would like to learn, practice the Feldenkrais method, for my health improvement. This method was suggested to me.

    I read that you are practicing this method, so I hope you can show, teach me or explain how can I use it for my development.

    Please let me know on the email above, what could be the way for this.

    Thank you in advance, and waiting for your reply.

    Kind regards

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