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Reviews about performance Come with me



Your arms would not be able to strech as far as necessary to form an adequate gesture for beauty (You know that, don’t you?) So, beauty remains in the impossibilities of the body. Einstürzende Neubauten

Contemporary dance performance Come With Me at Gertrude Street Theatre is created by Andrejs Jarovojs in collaboration with choreographer El?na Breice and dancers Agnese Bordjukova and Guntis Spridz?ns. The visual image of the performance was put into the hands of Ieva Kauli?a and the music for it has been tailored by D?vis Burmeisters.

The performance is a psychological portrait of a relationship at a time of choice – to go or to stay. It starts at the moment where nothing happens as we’d like it to. Come With Me tells a story of struggle with each other and with the truth that nothing in our lives goes on forever: loneliness, fear, freedom, addiction, passion, love, touch and embrace. And nevertheless, despite the countless differences, we can’t live without each other. A simple and intimate story of love and separation.

Director: Andrejs Jarovojs
Choreography: Elina Breice
Performance: Agnese Bordjukova, Elina Breice, Guntis Spridzans
Music: Davis Burmeisters
Visual image: Ieva Kaulina
Premiere: October 20, 2010 (Gertrudes street theatre)
21/10/2010 (Gertrudes Street Theatre)
25/11/2010 (Gertrudes Street Theatre)
05/12/2010 (Gertrudes Street Theatre)
08/12/2010 (Gertrudes Street Theatre)

From the reviews about Come with me

Stay or go?

Kitija Balcare

From the theater magazine Te?tra v?stnesis (2011.gada 24.janv?ris)

Come with me reminds us how similar the curves of emotions of different individuals are. They are full of fragile, but sometimes robust, moments of closeness resulting in inner conflict, because a choice is to be made.

The man (Guntis Spridz?ns) and two young women (El?na Breice and Agnese Bordjukova) address the zigzags of relationship – similar to a cardiogram chart. From the peaks to the abysses. From the wish to touch, but knowing – how to. Not knowing how to do that without leaving a painful imprint on the other and moreover in yourself.

The man acts as a centrifugal force for both women. One lady (El?na Breice) is more emotional and during extreme reactions sharply approaches and tears off. The other, Agnese Bordjukova  – refined, gracious and romantically reserved. Again a contrast of tenderness and passion.

The most emotionally charged moment is the scene where the dancers cuddle, return to a protected inner world as embryos, leaving behind outside influences and the other.  To be together in embryo – be together but not with the world. Though this shape is fragile.


Moving news

Inta Balode

From Culture weekly Kult?ras Forums Nr.42 (November 5, 2010)

Contemporary dance and director

Sometimes people say that contemporary dance is a good arts but those shows really need the director. I keep my opinion that the theater directing is not something that should save the dance.

The first impression is of the most dancey performance, i.e. it is resolved with clear choreographic tools. Moreover, certain sections will be readable only to those familiar with contemporary dance. The work is different from earlier performances by Elina through employing the elements of a circle as the composition principle, less movement material is used, but every movement is elaborated so at some moments technical elements acquire the qualities of metaphor. I believe this is because of the the co-work with director.

Irony on dance principles seems to be present also in one of the most memorable scenes – a waltz with Gintis and Agnese. They try to enter each others grasp, grab each other in many ways and then go on in doing the same only without the other person in their hands. Then it suddenly looks as some would call – beautiful dance with wide hand movements, others would say–empty gesticulation.

Refined, sensitive and at the same time ironic and to the point, the performance is also about the subject announced – the temporality of relationships and the eternal search for the most beautiful gesture. Airy are those moments when the magic is born and in certain age as airy are those moments when there are no magic anymore.


Fight to dance

M?rti?š En?elis (October 21, 2010)

Andrejs Jarovojs is holding to the context that the story is not about the world around us but about the human being and their emotions.    They are trying to define the leitmotiv of Come with me – the beauty lies within the impossibilities of the body. Hugging with hands in the air and exploring the space in all dimensions, while trying to define proper mimics of the beauty, so when the contact with the real, breathing and attractive from outside creature happens, Spridz?ns could be able to find all the points of bodily imperfection and finally could find the real magic.

The performance is as a fight not to stay alone, because without the other we cannot understand anything. However no matter how the dancers try to illustrate all the edges of existential fights, Come with me is little robust and lacks negative sharpness.   Using only complicated and vital contact movements it is not possible to depict the need of the other. Yes, there is a lack of  enjoyment of the physical contact, even if it would last only a couple seconds.

This show is as a delicacy for those who are fascinated by the most important and growing element in last ten years history of dance – contact movement. And there is plenty. Perhaps it is even to be said that there is nothing else besides this element Come with me is a very nice way to enjoy the dance performance not for the sake of contents or for the search of meaning of life, but for the calming process.


From the students reviews about the performances of Come with me of March 3, 2011

“… Dancers had very close contact from choreographic point of view. It looked like they were spiraling around each other as one movement lead to another. There were three dancers, so they could use a lot of space around them, and they did so successfully. It was difficult to understand for me, what they wanted to tell me. I had a lot of emotions, which were not comfortable. Maybe that was the reason, why I could not perceive this kind of trip…” (Agnese Caca, 1st year student of dance department at Latvia Culture College)

“… Music was chosen very well, dancers had simple costumes that fit to the dance really well. I loved the performance a lot; I watched it on one breath. I’d love to see a bit more light. But emotionally, the piece affected me strongly…” (Kristine Jordanashvili, 1st year student of dance department at Latvia Culture College)

“ … Even though the performance seemed simple to me, sometimes i had a feeling that there is no link between me and dancers. May be there was no need to understand everything. I cannot say, I liked „ Be with me”. I guess because of the simplicity, but the same time i felt and saw emotions, what came from these very simple movements. I saw layers – different emotions, varieties, desires etc.” (Kitija Dzerve, 1st year student of dance department at Latvia Culture College)

“ ..It is difficult to explain this dance piece. It spoke to people through feelings, shape of movement. But I guess, everybody perceived differently this very intimate and emotional performance. There are people, for whom this piece became a puzzle, which stayed unclear. I am one of them. The message did not reach me. But I was impressed that dancers became both actors and powerful tools for movement. I could see, that the choreographer really experiments with the movement, it’s amplitude and variety..” (Sabine Sheni?a, 1st year student of dance department at Latvia Culture College)

“… I enjoyed a lot to watch the dancer, who tried to get up, but could not – movement material, performed in a high quality and filled with emotion. She was the one, who took my attention all through the performance, as her way of moving was free and released, what I cannot say about the another dancer..” (Sintija Upeniece, 1st year student of dance department at Latvia Culture College)

“… The performance lasted for 50 min. I did not notice, how the time passed by. First feeling, watching the performance, was emptiness. I could not link together action on the stage with the story from annotation. Everything seemed just plain movement with no meaning. May be it was because of my emotional condition. Later on, when dancers were running across the stage, feeling free and feeling connected among themselves, suddenly the piece made sense to me.

The movement material was clean, refined – there was nothing needless or pointless. In the middle of the performance I understand that dancers also improvise.

This was one of the most contradictory performances, I have seen lately because quite a time after the performance I still thought about it – analyzed. And as more I thought, as more clearly I got the story and dance, as one entity…” (Alise Putnina, 1st year student of dance department at Latvia Culture College)

“… There were moments I did not understand at all – it was like emptiness. But after some time it filled with emotions and thoughts. This time I focused more on technique, as I know a little bit about contemporary dance and can say that I am a little connected to that. I observed the high level and professionalism of the dancers. The dancers showed possibilities physical ability, they moved in the space free and powerful and even the most difficult movements and flyings looked easy and light. That I liked the most. That was cool!” (Nadezda Kokina, 1st year student of dance department at Latvia Culture College)

“…There is a question all through the performance: To go or to stay? That brings nervousness, even feeling of fight – internal fight with myself. The woman, represented by Elina Breice, is emotional, passionate, impulsive. May be she represented the very beginning of relationship, when there is a lot of passion and playing. The woman, represented by Agnese Bordjukova , is more balanced, mature and the relationship, what she has with Guntis Spridzans, seems deeper. Special atmosphere is created by composer Davis Burmeistars. Music is a bit sad, giving a bit tragic touch to the dance piece..” (Madara Vilne, 2nd year student of dance department at Latvia Culture college)

About the performances of March 6, 2011:

„As a whole the performance left neutral impression on me. Many things on the stage were unclear for me. (..) I felt a lack of movement quality, as well lack of dancers’ charisma, truthfulness and energy. There was an inner feeling that their movements and gestures are lying to me.  I like how Elina herself danced – her solo almost at the end of the piece – particularly her arms remained in the memory. It seemed that her arms told me more about the performances as the whole piece. (..) Original and simple solutions of lighting and sound score didn’t leave the audience indifferent.   “Be with me” – the title, which was occasionally seen during the show, was not clear for me – why they run, smile or hit the floor too loudly?” (A?ona Buhalova,  2nd year student of dance department at Latvia Culture College)