“Scream – a period of enforced idleness”(20’ loop)

Friday, June 13, 21.00 / Zirgu pasts

Sunday, June 15, 21.00 / BETANOVUSS


Suzana Phialas(Cyprus)


 “Scream – a period of enforced idleness”(20’ loop)

“Power”can become a blind force that destroys. The initial purpose of the installation Scream a period of enforced idleness”was to portray situations and emotions caused by societies where the dominant force is Greed instead of Solidarity.

My belief is that symbiosis between people is possible and in reality very simple to achieve. Through the representation of 3 female figures, this installation begun from the need to bring across the desire to use the Power’s ability as means to Create rather than to Destroy.


Suzana Phialas was born 1973 in Famagusta, Cyprus.

Began studies in New York City as a Double Major in Dance and Fine Art Photography with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree 1991-1996.

Later continued with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree 1996-1997 and a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree majoring in Photography and Video Art 1997-2001.

During the last years of living in New York, 2002-2004, attended additional Master’s Degree courses exploring and practicing New Forms of Art, Video Dance, Performance and Filmmaking.

Currently a freelancer and Independent Artist based in Cyprus, working and creating in the above disciplines. Working Disciplines: Fine Arts, Video, Installation, Photography, Performance & Dance

Contact: suzzzzzz@gmail.com

Photo by: ©2013 Pavlos Vrionides