Simona Orinska

Simona Orinska – dance movement therapist, butoh performer. She has gained master degrees in Arts and Health Care. Simona is a member of  Latvian Dance Movement Therapy Association and studio Laboratory of Stage Arts. She has been also studied body techniques as in Latvia and abroad – dance movement therapy, physical theatre, dance improvisation, contactimprovisation and butoh(Toshiharu Kasai, SU-EN Butoh Company, Anita Saij, Yukio Waguri, Tsuruyama ZULU Kinya, KEN MAI, Kitt Johnson).Simona is giving butoh classes since 2006.


Butoh – Japanese avant-garde dance emerged in 20th century 50ties as interaction of Eastern and Western cultures. Butoh has been also called „body archeology”comparing with other dance styles. As the base of Butoh technique there are simple movement patterns, which facilitate awareness of body and mind. Butoh performer are in a changed state of mind during performance which arise body memories,flow of subconsciousness. That is the way how Butoh helps to reach hidden personal resources and to increase individual life quality.