SOUND. Resistance of Material by Erik Alalooga & Andreas W


Laura Vesele*

Sensing sound was my main focus experiencing performance called Resistance of Material. Use of different kind of material by tree strong male figures was a central action in performance. Of course, variety of methods how to crash, damage, destroy materiality around us was quiet stressing, exciting and surprising to watch, but I was wondering, can we guess what kind of materials or object were used in performance without a sense of seeing?

Would the performance lose its narrative, if the audience would just listen? Sounds made by human and objects interaction were descriptive enough to sense what’s happening on stage. Metal swings touching the wooden ground, liquid pouring on men’s body, speaker slowly crashing and loosing its voice, not to forget a sound of smashing glass and braking dishes. I am not arguing that closing our eyes wouldn’t take away an opportunity to identifying a lot of story building details, but if it is possible to sense the resistance of material just through sound, then what more is there to recognize?

If I would make an experiment by closing my eyes during the performance, than only disturbing and fooling moment would be the background sound witch was turn on manually in computer. It was tricky even with my eyes opened, because all the sounds made by present action on stage were much more powerful. It seemed to me as a fear of silence.

*Laura Vesele was one of the Latvian participants of the international seminar for students of theater studies “nu_dnc.txt” which took place during the festival Uus Tants 2013. Young dance critics from Estonia, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania participated in a three day long workshop and search for novel ways to present new dance, to keep up with the constantly changing object of their research and to update their tools. The seminar is organized by Tartu University Lodge of Theater Studies Students and keðja Writing Movement (DANCE.LV Journal is Latvian partner of the project). The published text is part of the outcomes of the seminar. In this particular text the task was to focus on a single, specific aspect of the performance. Laura’s point of focus was SOUND.