About contemporary dance in Latvia in just published book “Theater in Latvia”

INSTITUTE OF LITERATURE, FOLKLORE AND ART has just published the book „Theatre in Latvia”, which is the first wider publication about the theater in Latvia in English (239 pages, 80 black-and-white photographs, editor Guna Zelti?a). The aim of the publication is to give an insight about the theater in Latvia since its beginning till today. It describes the most important personalities and major tendencies and achievement. The book is the collaboration of authors of different generations; theater researcher Lilija Dzene (1929-2010) has worked on it, Viktors Hausmanis, Baiba Kalna, Ieva Struka, Ed?te Tišheizere un contemporary dance writer Inta Balode. The book also has the informative section with contact information of all state and indepented theaters, information about festivals and organizations related to theater.  The publication was supported by State Culture Capital Foundations and State reasearch program “National Identity”.