What changes if the process dominates over the result and everything happens in California?


Choreographer Olga Zitluhina and dance writer Inta Balode have arrived in Sandiego to take part in the international collaboration project Cal-Laboratory Kitchen which will take place from August 11 till 23. The organizer of the Laboratory Allyson Green has visited Latvia for several times already while working with the students at the Latvian Academy of Culture and choreographing for the multimedia performance at the Riga Art Space in August 2008. The first “Kitchen” took place in 2009 (kitchen as the place where several chefs meet, all of them are in charge and as the result unpredictable soups are made. And the specific taste features influence future cooking sessions of all the involved chefs). Also then Olga Zitluhina and Inta Balode where dancing at the dishes on Latvia’s side. The idea about time and place for the creative process not surpressed by the result was very fruitful. DANCE.LV Journal promises to inform how it is going this time.  The first day, which was meant for rest after more than twenty hours spent on getting over from Latvia to California, passed quickly while examining huge sea wheat which definitely didn’t look like from our planet.  

Cal-Laboratory Kitchen brings together artists from Great Britain, Ireland, Latvia, Mexico and the United States for a two-week residency to pursue a cultural exchange in choreographic processes. The mission for the Cal-Laboratory Kitchen is to provide a rejuvenating haven for process and exchange, rather than finished product. It takes time for good art to simmer; the Cal-Laboratory Kitchen is a haven for meaningful cross-cultural exchange, gathering the ingredients for the development of artistic projects over time.

Organized by Professor Allyson Green, the artists are in residence at the Department of Theatre and Dance, University of California, San Diego and at Casa Cultura, Tijuana Mexico, where they will work on improvisation and choreographic research with professional and student dancers, musicians, writers and visual artists from San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico. The focus of this Cal-Laboratory Kitchen is site-specific engagement of art and the environment. We will be collaborating with scientists from the Scripps Marine Coastal Reserve and with visual artist Peter Terezakis to investigate this beautiful landscape which preserves the original flora, fauna, and geology of the California coast.

The Cal-Laboratory Kitchen will take place from August 11-23, 2012 on the campus of University of California, San Diego in the Molli and Arthur Wagner Dance Building. International guests will arrive on Saturday August 11 and will meet for a private dinner exchange on Sunday August 12. Daily schedule is posted on the Timeline page; participation is free (with a $5 registration fee) and open to for a full residency or daily basis. The second week the choreographic labs will cross the border to work with the artistic community at Casa Cultura in Tijuana Mexico.

There are free showings open to the public on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:30 in the UCSD Wagner Dance Building Studio 3. The public is invited to a Cal-Laboratory Kitchen site-specific event of Sacred Sky Sacred Earth: Pacific Meditation on August 18th at the Scripps Coastal Reserve. There is a final wrap up party and sharing with the public in Tijuana at Casa Cultura on Tuesday August 22. Artists will leave on August 23.

Here are the first California impressions by choreographer Olga Zitluhina:

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