The dictionary of our bodily stereotypes. About “Hardly Ever”


 D?rta Ceri?a*

Why do we eat avocado, if it does not have any flavor?

It is everywhere!

Bananas. They are nice.

Our preset notions and reputed opinions are like avocado – tasteless fruits with buttery texture, which green and porous bark we usually peel and throw away in the litter. Therefore, the bone of avocado – chestnut brown core does not give any gastronomical pleasure; it belongs to other redundant components in recycle bin. However, why do we eat it? Why do we make salads using only the valuable part of it? In addition, can we answer to those questions that in every day we make mute? Moreover – do our stereotypes and notions exist only in our linguistic nature? Maybe patterns of them hide in our bodies? These questions highlighted choreographer  Francesco Scavetta and Norwegian contemporary dance company Wee in their newest performance Hardly ever, which was presented at dance house Zirgu pasts during the festival Time to dance (Laiks dejot). At the performance Hardly ever you can look as a miniature avocado dictionary, which you cannot read, instead – use through bodily experience.

Artists of the dance company Wee transforms individual and collective experience and represents it by using elements of dance, release technique, movement theatre and improvisation, that are recreated and synthesized into refreshing, wise and youthful aesthetics. The dramaturgy of performance was created by Sasha Bozic, who did compile many pieces of etudes, creating small micronarratives that are working independently and separately, and at the same time they are interacting into centripetal direction with purposefulness and pleasantry. The performance Hardly ever continues to research the relationship between lies and truth on stage an of stage, that the company started in 2009 with performance Sincerely yours. In Riga shown performance, Scavetta chose to confront verbal notifications, questions, commentaries with physical responses, remarks that recreates new kaleidoscope of pop culture from quotes an emblematic signs as part of our experience per se. Four charismatic and engaging dancers-performers (Gry Kipperberg, Erikk McKenzie, Sigrid Marie Vesaas, Thomas Vantuycom) are constantly discussing their own work, outplays reality, fiction and fantasy – this allows to connect audience to their own associative thought process, continuously asking to ourselves the basic rule of avocado dictionary: “Do you believe in what I say or in what I show?”

*D?rta Ceri?a studies audiovisual arts at the Latvian Academy of Culture. Longer article analyzing performance “Hardly Ever” was written in Latvian and is published here.

*The article has been written during the LAB 4 of The Writing Movement Network that took place in Riga, Latvia during Time to Dance festival in June 2016. The Writing Movement Network is supported by The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture Short-term network scheme.