The Employment Record Tree

Tuesday, June 18, 21.00 / BETANOVUSS


Iguana Dance-theater (Russia)


Concept, Creation, Performance: Nina Gasteva, Misha Ivanov


The subject of Nina Gasteva and Misha Ivanov’s new performance The Employment Record Tree came with the question: is it possible at all to create a dance-performance as scenery using the routine process of obtaining pension provision? How to persuade the bureaucrats that you really belong to the category “artists”, if you are contemporary dancer?
The performance employs respiratory exercises of A. Strelnikova and the method of Symmetrical Movements by Courtis along with Mitchell’s poetry translated by Medvedev text by Naumova.

Many thanks for the research work of my friend Angelina Davidova.
Special thanks for helping to: Katya Naumova, Sergey Yermakov, Maria Veic, Andery Kudryashov, Igor Dobrynich, Tatyana Gordeyeva, Kolya Oleinikov, Olga Yegorova, Olga Amrome. Ilya Belenkiy, Alexandr Andryashkin, Andrey Andryanov, Maria Chehondaskih… the list is open!!!


“The Employment Record Tree” contains no satirical sketches of social system or humanistic declarations; it is neither an outcry of despair nor description of horrible details. It is an ironic and stylish narrative of artists who do not fit into State cultural paradigm, and the State doesn’t see them…

Art critic Stanislav Savitsky

Iguana Dance-theatre was created in October 1995 by Nina Gasteva and Michail Ivanov. Both artists are absolutely different by education, profession, and history of development, which gives birth to the unusual combination of plastic, dance, pantomime, and elements of dramatic and poetic action. In their productions they combine vivid humour and a deep philosophical look at surrounding life.
The company was nominated for a National Theatre Award at the «Golden Mask» Festival in 2000 and in 2005, Moscow, and was awarded the prize “Against the Mainstream” in 2007, Moscow. In 2007 Iguana Dance-theatre was invited to perform in the frame of American Dance Festival and got the award Upstream (the best performance) at the TSEKH Dance Festival, Moscow.
Iguana Dance-theatre was organizing international festival New – Old – Dance in 2001, 2003, 2004.

The company performs actively in Russia and abroad (Belorussia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Finland, Sweden and USA). Since 2006 artists is taking part at international and interdisciplinary collaboration projects.



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