The keðjaKlaip?da: draft review or what we usually don’t show


Within the intense program of The keðjaKlaip?da encounter there was also a Writing Movement workshop led by dance scholar from Cecilia Malmstrom Olsson. And as it is in all workshops there were also some tasks. One of the tasks was to go and see a performance and take notes during the performance, i.e., immediately record things, thoughts, words, ideas which come up during the show. And so we did. Our “victim” was dance performance “YES” (“Open Culture”/ LT) performed at the Yachts’ hangar at Cruise Ship Terminal. Choreographers- Raimonda Gudavi?i?t? and Mantas Staba?inskas. Dancers – Mantas Staba?inskas and Lina Puodžiukait?-Lanauskien?. Musician – Snieguol? Mikalauskien?. Premiered in 2009 in Kaunas. Enjoy the very raw and draft into two dance writers’ minds. If it would be final text, a lot of what you see know wouldn’t be there. So this is uncensored, honest stuff, no editing done.

Notes in the darkness Nr.1

Maija Treile



Quietly animals in the zoo cage


Romantic sunset at the sea or sunrise

Nafig (for what) live music, if the record is so intense

sunset again

Sea stones (video) or stars

Rain – cyberspace

We’re going to the sun from the door to the window

The true light from the entrance


Under the water

Video montage

City, hurry

Frustration, shiver

Looking for somebody

a paradise Lost

Strangers who did not meet each other, but walked the same streets

Madonna and Child

Two lonely children

Torture with sound

Dzin – tin – tin – tin

Video: Pension Fund Advertising

Another girl in the movie?

The second round

Folk dance

Love is stronger than stomach ache

We are only two of you

Our shadows in the sand

Lithuanians are very romantic


Notes in the darkness Nr.2

Inta Balode

Cement floor

would prefer acoustic cello sound not in speakers.

Two dancers.

Visibility for audience – flat floor.

Is she playing at all?? Recorded sound mixes with live.

Male started to move. Woman wears skirt. Dressed in white.

Some folk style holding of hands; ballet stuff. Many light changes plus light from covered windows, holes in the walls.

Running in circle is always.

American modern dance.

Speeding up/slowing down.

Projection – white spots like stars. 3D architecture space.

He has a dramatic face. He in the front, she in the back of the space.

Some religious spot of light.They might meet. Shadows. Big gestures. Speeding up again/changing levels.

Light from the entrance door – very disturbing. People look back many times. So long open – can’t do that! Door stays open I get angry. I lost atmosphere, sorry for dancers.

Pale picture. Multiplication of the bodies in video. Cello plays only accents. Regular audience is more peaceful about the open door than artists.

About movement. To enjoy movement based work good conditions are needed – visibility etc.

Cement floor.

Musician looks at the female. Black and white video.

Too much of everything. How much I miss while write? Sweat on the faces. Speeded up video. Slow dance. Little theatrical gestures – ah, oh.

My muscles of but hurt.

Very wet shirt. Not very thin legs. Short silence. Still. Video again black and white.

Female emotional solo, some kind of breaking glass sound in soundtrack.

Curve, turn, jump – male dance. She is taller than he is. A lot of dancing. Big dance.

His pants look dirty.

Big story, little influence on me. Meant to be dramatic? Sharp interruption – turn to pedestrian state – have some water. Because of the light it looks they have socks. Restart dancing strongly, softly. Do I watch differently know because they showed a moment of life?

Sense of they are looking for something. Sense of this is not the final stuff – they are exploring. Foggy projection. Must be exhausting.

He is shorter. Leg ronds. Music annoys, cello plus rhythmical recorded stuff. Running, smiling.

Happy early years love. Too old for that. Pleasure of being together. He leaves into the audience. She follows.

Cello plus almost faded video of their dance. We still see them, right? Age that has passed? Dancing that has stopped? Nostalgia.


DANCE.LV Journal went to Klaipeda as The kedja Writing Movement partner in Latvia. Writing Movement is the mobilization of the resources that think, talk, read and write dance.

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