Time To dance improvisation, sketches / urban

HA in collaboration with Totaldobze invites for

 Time to dance improvisation, sketches 

May 24th, 2012, 19:00 , in urban site of   Totaldobze ( VEF art center )


Photo by Jevgenijs Sisojevs

As always we invite to share with performing improvisation (solo, duets, group) or choreographic sketches and to improve CI skills at JAM session. Please, invite to join also  the other representatives of the arts!


Everything is evolving and changing. Time to dance improvisations, sketches will be at Totaldobze , in the urban environment, this time on the concrete, which means: protective shoes, openness and the ability to use conditions in your favour will be useful.  From now on, starting with the new season, Time to dance improvisation and sketches will be in Totaldobze hands as that is the space for experimental and collaborative events. Probably it will get a new name and also outlook. Not the essence.


If you would like to take part with your performance, please write to: horasoc@gmailcom

with subject ” APPLICATION FOR improvisation, sketches”