Trying to catch WATER

Inta Balode

The second day of the Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2012 was all about the water. Mostly about water in its most common hypostase – liquid state. And even if the ideas were floating around many waterish aspects ideas shared among all the choreographers were follwing: water is life, water is movement, water is us, water is fun. Knowing there are no chances to pin down the water I still tried to do that. While watching all three works created on August 14, I sketched the movement directions. And as I didn’t know how they will evolve the layouts turned out to be very wierd, they lost sequence in time, they lost location in space. Still after looking at them I can get back to the studio where I saw three water pieces. So take a look and come on water pinning down journey with me. After three images I have put some quotes from what choreographers say while they are rehearsing. Some are from Cal-Laboratory Kitchen 2009, some from this year. In Latvian we have saying “to pour water” meaning speaking a lot and not saying anything specific. I wanted to post choreographers words to show how precise and deep, and philosophical they are, how little “water” they contain. I think some of them can be really read as phylosphical formulas for the better life. Enjoy!August 14, 2012

1. Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli (Ireland), Renato Gonzalez (Mexico)

2. Henry Torres and Angel Arambula (Mexico) 

3. Olga Zitluhina and Inta Balode (Latvia) 

Some philosophical statements pronounced by choreographers during creative process:

“Try not to be dizzy”

“Try not to stop”

“It is your performance”

“Have clear beginning and end”

“Take more time”

“When you have this don’t be afraid to break it and go somewhere else”

“We can all wait for you”

“You have time”

“Hold and then distort”

“Don’t become very comfortable”

“Whenever it gets predictable it is not interesting”

“Now we do te whole thing”

“Don’t lose that!”

“Feel the group!”

“Don’t expect anything, let’s see what happens”

“I’m not going to say anything”

“That’s always and option”

“We can stop”

“What’s going on in your mind”

“You have good sense of time”

“The way you can get rid of it is a small solo”

“We can write on the feet”

“It’s kind of violent to take the papers away from people”

“It has to be a strange piece”

“It is not meaning. Say words!”

“Pure move”

“Not walking in between”

“May be not”

“Put on your dancing shoes!”

“Try not to laugh, take it very seriously”

“You can travel with that”

“Think about spaces inside”

“Should be very precise”

“No improvisation”

“I want to see everybody”

“Let’s try to avoid routine”

“We never know who the leader is”

“Luxury of time to worry about things”

Photos by Olga Zitluhina on the topic of catching water (gallery has sound)