Visual and textual access to the ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform 2018


A dance writer Inta Balode and photographer Krista Brige from “ Journal” travelled to the ICE HOT Nordic Dance Platform that took place from December 12 till 15 in Reykjavík, Iceland. One of the topics of special focus for visual and textual reportages from the platform was ACCESSIBILITY. One of the meanings of “accessibility” as it is defined in dictionaries is “the quality of being easily understood or appreciated”. “Accessibility” was the intention and idea chosen quiet intuitively without knowing much about every single performance presented.

In this text you will find Inta’s writings and Krista’s photos as they were taken and posted chronologically on Instagram account of the Latvian Dance Information Center.

December 12, 2018

Arriving with a question about the extent of accessibility needed / demanded / provided in arts, and the opening performance “Sacrifice” by Icelandic Dance Company is a festival, a market!



Accessibility must be the choice of urgent matter then!

Explanations and warnings, reminders and guides, teachings and therapies, popcorn and no gap of time unfilled.

A very nice example of how explanations, tips and added values are not the keys to the clarity but lead even deeper into the magic obscurity and tempting confusion arts can offer.







December 13, 2018

In order to be ACCESSIBILE do you need to be something or to do something? Artists of the first More More More day are into the doing. Doing the space so it becomes different being.

• always negotiate the space Kitt Johnson MELLEMRUM

• shamanize the gardening space Taikabox, Tanja Raman BORN OLD

• protect the volcanic feminine space Magnus Myhr IN THE DISTANCE, TROY

• let the horses gallop over the spaces Helena Bystrom, Anna Kallblad CITY HORSES

• Let the space to naturalize itself Jon Skulberg FOR EVER FOUR SEASONS

• Voice the nasty space Susanna Leinonen company NASTY

• vibrate the space Linda Blomqvist THE SOUND 

Another way of domesticating spaces and audiences is ACCESSIBILITY through pedagogic messages and actions.

Just work hard and you will become whoever you want to become! Even a ballet dancer! Even a king! Come to the town and go to the ballet school! Local dancers will be happy to perform in unusual context! Beauty is there! Really!

ULTRA Martin Forsberg 

Forget about the natural rise of dominant alpha male! It is a fiction! Take 10 powerful male performers to collaborate and not to compete! That a gentle and caring feminine group! Soft cheerleading!

ONEIRON Raekallio corp. 

Feed frozen people with a hot soup! Show them a way with candle light! Take them on the journey! Several journeys! Soft and gentle, violent and bloody, exhausting and intimidating, personal and general. Stay with people! Also when it is very hard!

ART AND LOVE Maija Hirvanen 

Tell what you do and then do it! Repeat it! Notice a detail you have never seen before! Fall in love with it! Get lost in it!

December 14, 2018

Writing task for today! Important life lessons from ICE HOT performances and artist presentations.

More More More
COSMIC LATTE Sonya Lindfors – recentralize yourself!

Bara Sigfusdottir– look through your body as through the window!

BRUME DE MER Elina Pirinen – work in a renesance feminine way!

LANDSCAPES OF I Bjorn Safsten – repeat your own mistakes to be truthful!

Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir – make and experience work that is difficult to watch to be healed!

Recoil performance group, Tina Tarpgaard – collaborate with worms, share a meal with then!




DIORAMA, Ingri Fiksdal
Stop, look, see, feel, forget, remember, imagine, reimagine, be, be and be!

Don’t make monuments, don’t colonize other people’s lives! Get into their bodies but don’t tell that to them.

SPOILER Bergstad/Helgebostad/Wigdel
Don’t ever think that you know your friends! Don’t ever think that life down there is boring and stiff! Don’t underestimate hell machines and female power!

Shared dance is the most beautiful and heart/body/soul/mind warming thing in the world!

December 15, 2018

More More More

CIRCUS LONELINESS Helle Bach, Dadadans
Loneliness spaces – come in different shapes and sizes. Enjoy!


The combinations of volleyball game applied to choreography. Functional dance. Sports is accessible, no need of libretto to explain the movements.

ENTITLED. Stian Danielsen
There is no way a Latvian woman can access the world of a Norwegian man. Tinder?

7 SWANS. Marble Croud. Siggi and Saga
Lack of easy and immediate access as an inspiring interactive space. Go there, I don’t know where, bring something, I don’t know what.

VIVE LA PHRANCE! Spreafico Eckly, Andrea Spreafico
There is no way to avoid the access to the law making process. No matter what you choose you make the world. Sitting revolution.

Sofia Sodergard. Slick
Is it really true that in order to access a completely different planet you just need to change clothes and few manners?

Accessibility of dark matters in the dark places is very equal for everybody. It evens out the sense-ability and other tools of access and as a result… … in the dark dark night there was a dark dark being and its dark dark inside was full of dark dark air that moved in a light light way and made my lip corners very light light and heart mood very light light.

NOTES ON FRAILTY Ingun Bjornsgaard prosjekt

Like if my hands were stuck in some dark and heavy substance. Cannot take things, cannot throw, cannot do, stuck in waiting. Four sisters. No access to control room. Even if doors are ligthed by diamonds. Good the condition has some change moments. Though not more than a revolt in a glass of water. Charmingly and sadly true!








This is the last post about ICE HOT performances. It is the 5th day after the performance about the memory. I remember a narrow screen, a thin man in short and later in little longer shorts. Funny socks and shoes. Two similarly looking women in the same kind of jeans with long zipper in the front. They were around my age. One little older woman in skirt and cowboy style boots. A younger man in brown costume (probably also around my age but we tend to see men as younger). He was the first example of the wonderful I will remember forever. Today I still remember him. But not more than others. I also remember Arnold’s Schwarzenegger’s childhood house. Big white and small black dog. Arranging memory houses in intimate foggy atmosphere. A memory quiz about something. I remember laughing and warm feeling. And that since the beginning I was trying hard to remember what is happening, what are the things they bring back later. There were such things. I don’t remember what exactly but the dramaturgy was very well done. Mind dance where everything ordinarily becomes wonderful.

Thank you ICE HOT! You were very ACCESSIBLE and too much with “the quality of being easily understood or appreciated”.