Xiao Ke and Zi Han(China)

Lecture and dialogue with Xiao Ke and Zi Han(China) “Running away to go home”

Xiao Ke and Zi Han live and work in Shanghai, they were so active in the contemporary theater and art events, who created a multitude of performance works in Shanghai, and performed in different countries. But in the recent years they focus on social performance much more, their works move out from the black box theater to city public space. The forms of their performance works also develop to different ways not only live show.

The two artists will share their experience and story to let you know what they do and why they do and also introduce the realistic art situation in Mainland China especially on performance art filed. As the independent theater artists, they believe what they are doing is a new revolution for the individual art creation in Mainland China.

The both two artists will introduce their art works and their story and they are looking forward to the dialogue with Riga artists and friends, which could build up a deeper artistic discussion between Latvia and Mainland China.