ZI temp.dance


Since 2004 Ilze Zirina is taking care of her creative ideas under the name of ZI temp.dance ( Zirina Ilze temporary dance ). Students and ex students from Culture College of Latvia joined her. Untill 2011 she prefered to work with the young and interesting personalities who loves dance and gives everything to work on the project.



At the moment ZI temp.dance is ready to present a new piece

When they are others?

premiere in June 13, 2011 19:00 and 21:00 at BETANOVUSS, Riga in frames of festival Time to dance 2011


Idea and chorography : Ilze Zirina

Dancers: Ivars Broni?s,  A?ona Buhalova, Laura Grase, Eva Kronberga,  M?rti?š Spr?ds, R?ta Vilc?ne


We are who we pretend to be, that’s why we need to be very carefull while choosing our pretension.

( Kurt Vonnegut )

The task for dancers was, to choose one character, what they would like to be like ( from movie or  from book or picture or life or nature etc ), to write a short quote or would  create a short text about the chosen character. Dancers work on text choosing the words what is related to such dance elements as time, space, shape, energy. They stay away from literal, emotional content of it. Dancers are doing this research individually, having assistance from the choreographer. The choreographer has paralel task – to let the creative process in studio lead her. She does not think about characters and works just with movement  and her dancers.  For dancers the challenge is to stay away from emotional world and physical shape of chosen characters.

We are curious, how close the dancers will be to the chosen characters at the end of the process. Or may be – how close to themselves.  The work will help dancers to view themselves from a different angle. The choreographer is not complitely free in her choices – she needs to notice small changes in dancers and react on that.

Conclusion: Fantasy, imagination, dreams are relatives of reality.


In the season of 2010. /2011. new dancers joined in:

Ivars Bronics

Alona Buhalova

Laura Grase

Eva Kronberga

Martins Spruds

Ruta Vilcane


About the company:

With the support of Latvia Culture college the dance group is established in 2004. The artidtic director and choreographer of ZI temp.dance is Ilze Zirina. The way of work is to find the material through dance improvisation. During the process the choreographer research each dancers’ physical abilities, way of moving, creativity and emotional presence. Students and ex-students of dance department of Latvia Culture college are members of the ZI temp.dance. Some of them are successful in professional field. The group is open for collaborations. In 2008 Ilze Zirina created a piece Marathon in collaboration with disabled dancers.The company performs mostly in Riga, Latvia but has had collaboration projects also in Lithuania and Norway.


Other projects:

Twice in One River ( 2010 ), 30 min

In collaboration with Ramona Galkina. Twice In One River in the first part of dance piece which consists of two parts. It is built on rhytmical, spatial and graphic relationship between two dancers. In associative level it tells about impossibility to step twice in one river. Dancers – Agnese Bordjukova, Kristine Blisina.

Premiere – February 23, 2010.


The tame ( 2009 ), 30min

Dance piece about the moments, what comes after we get up from the velvet chairs, turn our backs, when the lights switches off, when we shut the door and say: everything is over. Then the tame come out.

The piece was created for the second year students of Latvia Culture college, dance department. It was performed for three times.

Choreography: Ilze Zirina, music collage: Inga Gaile, dancers: Laura Grase, Liga Kavace, Elina Mazure, Diana Stepule, Inga Tutina, Agnese Kalnina.


Marathon ( 2008 ), 30 min

Why we are running marathon? For what? For those who see us? For ourselves? For prizes?

Head heavily falling down, the layer of fat sadly playing rythm of the steps, hand is holding Red Bull spitefilly. Is it marathon at all? Is there anything or anyone who can stop the sad running?

The piece is created in collaboration with the wheelchair users. In 2007 Ilze Zirina stared to organize regular classes at contact improvisation for mix ability group. The atmosphere let to create a dance piece what was performed in frames of international dance festival Time To Dance 2007.

Choreography: Ilze Zirina, dance: Agnese Bordjukova, Kristine Blisina, Baiba Krievina, Irina Parhomenko, Olga Semenjakina, music: Recoil, Rosa Eivissa


Peer Gynt ( 2007),  60 min

Director: Edvard Normann Ronning

Music: Edvard Grieg

Choreography: Ilze Zirina

Participation at the play of drama theatre. Collaboration project with Music, Drama and Dance school , PEERS internasjonale teaterensemble UE, Bjugn, Norway.



Town Of Emeralds. ( 2004. … 2007.), 25 min

A question about the shape and content, kitchen and emotionality, truth and pretending. Is one possible without another? Do we need to look for the border? A game with a sudden changes of form, direction, sound, states of mind.

Because of different reasons the work was interrupted in its process. The work in process was performed in Latvia Culture college and Rundale in 2004. Still ZI temp.dance came back to it in 2007. It was performed in frames of international dance festival Time To Dance 2007, Daile theatre.

Choreography: Ilze Zirina, music: MUM , Genrich Gasparjan, dance: Agnese Bordjukova, Kristine Blisina, Karina Beljajeva, Oksana Kitajeva, Kristine Pivovarova.


CW ( 2006 ), 30 min

International collaboration project among five different art forms. The conception by Adam Ramejkis ( UK ). The aim of CW was to create a chain of production in witch each artist is given the preceding piece to which they have to create. The final performance of CW was coming together of 5 individually created pieces. In this project Ilze continues idea about previous piece Stairs. Performances live in New Riga Theatre, Riga.

photographer – Adam Ramejkis ( UK ), choreographer– Ilze Zirina ( Latvia ), composer – Daina Klibike ( Latvia ), writter – Lajla Rolstad ( Norway ), graphic designer – Julija Zitluhina ( Latvija )


Stairs (2005), 20 min

A piece about childhood. Personal memories as wathing slides. Feelings change as pictures.

The performance is not available in video version. Performed at Time To Dance and VEF, culture palice in Riga.

Choreography: Ilze Zirina, music collage: Inga Gaile, dance: Agnese Bordjukova, Kristine Blisina, Baiba Krievina, Daina Vintere, Ieva Klaustina


Child’s Crusade .( 2004 ), 25 min

Created after Brecht poem Child’s Crusade. International collaboration project. The subject – children in World War Two. The piece was successfully performed in different places like on the stage of Culture college, Daile Theatre, Dream Factory at the brick wall, in a museum in Valmiera, at the reception of Europa City Hotel in Vilnius, where the elevator gave weird , cold light as opened it’s door and people , having good meal behind the glass wall. All this was a great scenography for the piece even though the situation was weird itself.

Choreography: Ilze Zirina, music collage: Inga Gaile, dance: Agnese Bordjukova, Kristine Blisina, Baiba Krievina, Daina Vintere, Ieva Klaustina



Ilze Zirina, artistic director and choreographer: ilzezirina@gmail.com